Saturday, June 10, 2006

Differing views of the death of Al Zarqwari

President Bush used his weekly radio address to congratulate the troops for the hard work involved in killing Al Zarqwari, and to warn the nation that there was more work to be done to guarantee the success of the Iraqi Democracy.

The killing of Zarqawi is an important victory in the global war on terror. This Jordanian-born terrorist was the operational commander of al Qaida in Iraq. He led a campaign of car bombings, and kidnappings, and suicide attacks that has taken the lives of many American forces, international aid workers, and thousands of innocent Iraqis. Zarqawi had a long history of murder and bloodshed. Before September the 11th, 2001, he ran a camp in Afghanistan that trained terrorists -- until Coalition forces destroyed that camp. He fled to Iraq, where he received medical care and set up operations with terrorist associates. [sic] There's still difficult work ahead in Iraq. Yet this week, the ideology of terror has suffered a severe blow. Al Qaida has lost its leader in Iraq, the Iraqi people have completed a democratic government that is determined to defend them, and freedom has achieved a great victory in the heart of the Middle East.

President Bush offers a good and in my opinion, honest long term look at the future of Iraq. That view of Iraq is one where Victory is the only option, with the road recognized as one that is rocky, yet can be traversed. Victory is our only option, defeat to the Terrorists is too horrible to contemplate.

The position of those who have long opposed any action, mainly the Democrats, has never wavered. This week's Democratic Party response came from Senator Harry Reid, Minority Leader.
As the Iraqis turn to Baghdad and their new government for answers about the future, we turn to Washington and George W. Bush.
Our troops and the American people have been exceedingly patient as previous mileposts in Iraq have passed without progress. The President is asking too much if he expects us to do it again.
With Zarqawi gone and the cabinet filled, we need more than platitudes next week when the President convenes a conference with Iraq's leaders and his War Cabinet. He must present a concrete plan - a plan for Iraqis to take control of their own security.

Allow me to paraphrase, or translate the Senator's position, which is the Position of the Democratic Party. "We have to surrender now to the Terrorists, if we don't cut and run, it's possible that before the next President is sworn in, we will see a stable democracy in Iraq if we don't cut and run now."

Yes, now that Al Zaqwari is dead, just as after Saddam was captured, it's the perfect time to surrender, cut, and run from the enemy.

It's so refreshing that the Democrats refuse to deal with Reality. It's so different than any other day. Wait, it's no different than any other day, my mistake.


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