Friday, June 09, 2006

YearlyKos1: How to appear to behave civilized

YearlyKos1: Schedule of events

Day 1, Instruction on how to appear civilized.

Hot Air and Byron York are busy this weekend doing what I wouldn't have the stomach for, enduring the close (and normally pungent) interaction of liberal left wing loonies at Yearly Kos.

According to reports, the hygene and dress are up to normal Western Standards, and instruction seems centered on how to appear normal. There has even been instructions on how not to use the "Bush is a Nazi" phrase in every sentance.

In an effort to help out here, I wanted to offer a suggestion. Place photos or plaques or posters of great Conservative leaders, pictures of Ronald Reagan, Condoleeza Rice, or one of the Conservative Justices of the Supreme Court like Alito, Scalia, or Roberts. These pictures will be like a flame to a moth, They can't resist looking, and then the reaction is also uncontrolable. They begin to twitch, and next thing you know they are spouting off about Halliburton, Bush Lied Kids Died, or the other talking points we all know so well. Liberal Identified.


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