Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ann Coulter fires up the left again

First let me say I haven't read Godless yet, been busy. I will be reading it, I have read all of her books to date except High Crimes, and find her work Logical, Well Researched, and even reasonable. What she does, which infuriates the left to no end, is demonstrate that the strong launguage that the Republicans, and Conservatives have not been using is effective.

Her books that I have read have been contriversial, yet not disproven, which is interesting.

Hot Air, and Michelle Malkin both have great pieces up, but I think the best one is from Ann herself.

From Ann Coulter: The thesis of Godless is: Liberalism IS a religion. The liberal religion has its own cosmology, its own explanation for why we are here, its own gods, its own clergy. The basic tenet of liberalism is that nature is god and men are monkeys. (Except not as pure-hearted as actual monkeys, who don't pollute, make nukes or believe in God.)

You can agree, disagree, wish she wasn't so outspoken about her beliefs. Personally, I love her attitude. Liberals are wrong, and they will sheild themselvs from any questio
ns with unasailable protections, such as they do with Cindy Sheehan, or anyone else they can. No one is allowed to debate Congressman Murtha because he was a Marine. Yet when people point out, accurately, that his proposed action is in effect surrender to the enemy, we are accused of calling his patriotism into question. We might as well do that, since we will be accused of it anyway. By the same thread, we might as well point out that the Jersey Girls are using their victim status to constantly put forth insane conspiracy theory.

Sorry, the victim isn't always the concience of the nation, we were all victims. In addition to your Husbands ladies, the entire nation was attacked. The WTC was chosen because it was a monument to the nations economy. The Stock Market plunged, and millions of people lost something. Some lost sons, daughters, husbands, wives, brothers, and sisters. Some lost friends, some lost jobs, some lost homes, some have forgotten already what it was like. All of us gave something that day, some gave all. While that loss does entitle you to a place in the front row ladies, it doesn't give you the eternal right to decide what is best for the grou
p, and what we think.

Much like the idea of putting a Murderer to death, part of the punishment isn't just to help you sleep better at night wife/family of the victim. Part of the punishment is sending a message to others, that if you do this, and are caught, we will get you. Part of the punishment is protection for other families, so they never have to go through what you endure again. One 9-11 was too much, Two such events would be intolerable.

We must fight on, we must endure the burden of freedom, because I wan
t to end this problem in this generation, so the next is free to face the next problems. We ignored this problem in the 1970's, swatted at it in the 1980's, pretended to care in the 1990's, and it only got worse with each incident.

UPDATE: Godless has reached the top of the sales chart. You can see the screenshot here clearly showing Ann Coulters book as the top seller. Apparently her attitude is approved of by people who buy/read books. I would be willing to wager based upon past performance that Ann's book makes the NY Times bestsellers list.


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