Saturday, June 10, 2006

Paul Hackett slams fellow Democrats.

Wow, didn't we all expect the various "hero's" of the left to start fighting before too long? Famed Hero of the left, unassailable, honorable, well known Paul Hackett has taken issue with two powerful Democrats, Sharrod Brown, and Jack Murtha.

Sharrod Brown has the love and adoration of the far left wing with his progressive (read Socialist) beliefs. Jack Murtha of course, is famous for his outrageous comments on the War on Terror in Iraq. The Murtha investigation on the Haditha investigation has long been over, he has already decided that it's My Lai all over again.
BLITZER: There are some who are already making comparisons between Haditha and My Lai in Vietnam, the massacre in which hundreds of Vietnamese civilians were killed, an incident that you well remember.
Is that a fair comparison, a fair analogy?
MURTHA: Well, I think it's a fair analogy, except for the numbers. There was about 124, I think, in the My Lai incident. And then there was 24 here.

So now where do we find ourselves with these three loons? Paul Hackett has decided not to support Sharrod Brown's run for the Senate, and now he is blasting away at Jack Murtha.

Hackett also is irritated at Democratic Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania, a decorated Marine veteran who has been briefed by military officials on the Haditha deaths and has said that U.S. troops overreachedd because of the pressure on them. With one broad stroke, he's recklessly indicted all those Marines. ... I don't know if he's gotten addicted to the microphones and the cameras. For him to continue to foam at the mouth, it's irresponsible, it's stupid, it's wrong.

Now I know what you are thinking, what oh what are our beloved left wing loonies thinking about all of this? They are outraged and furious at Paul Hackett. Yes, the man who was the poster child of the new Democratic Victory wave, is now a nobody again. He dared to speak out against the Progressive Icon Sharrod Brown, and worse, against Jack Murtha who is the standard bearer of the surrender in Iraq movement.

One of my favorite responses is this one from Democratic Underground loons.
My attitudes are quite ruthless.Rep. Murtha is a leading and excellent spokesman for the Party on Iraq, and on the matter of misconduct there by our soldiery. His role in this is so essential and of such great benefit that it does not trouble me at all that on many matters of importance to me domestically he is practically an opponent.Attacks on him assist the enemy. Whether they are sincere and honest expressions or calculated dishonesties uttered for effect makes no difference at all: they assist the enemy.Whoever assists the enemy is a reprehensible scoundrel, unfit for decent company, and worthy of no more respect than the sort of thing one scrapes off a shoe after an unfortunate mis-step in the park.

Yes fellow Conservatives, we who oppose the surrender in Iraq now movement by Representative Murtha are enemies of the liberals. I am so proud, and bet you all are too. At least we have one Liberal who is honest, and admits they are working against American and Democratic efforts at home and abroad, declaring anyone who pursues those interests as Enemies of the Democratic Party.

In the meantime, I plan on sitting back and watching the war between Socialists in the Democratic Party.


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