Monday, June 05, 2006

Washington hopes the Gay Marriage Ban will fool the voters

As we mentioned on this very Blog, the Gay Marriage Ban is just a political ploy to fool the Conservative Base into believing that the Beltway Republicans care about core issues.

...Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, R-Pa., said he will vote against it on the floor but allowed it to survive his panel in part to give the Republicans the debate party leaders believe will pay off on Election Day.

Now I am used to the Democrats giving advice on how to appear religious to the southern voters and how to appear to have moral positions. The proof is the recent flood of Biblical references in the Democratic Positions.

However, I find it insulting; extremely insulting to have the Republicans take the same line. I don't demand that someone be a Religious or individual of a certain faith. Nearly any religious belief is comforting to me, because that shows a faith in a greater power than Government, a faith in more than the Judiciary, Legislature, and Executive branches. Yet, we see that even some Republicans have lost touch with the people for whom faith and morality are important factors in their lives.

President Bush has just completed a briefing to community leaders in support of the Marriage Amendment debate, and specifically targeted some of the movements’ biggest opponents. He specifically targeted San Francisco, which of course is the home of one of his biggest opponents, Nancy Pelosi. He also targeted Massachusetts which is home of Senator Kennedy, hero of the left wing.

I watched that Presidential Speech, and before he had gotten halfway I realized how desperate the President is, perhaps he is desperate for a win, perhaps he is desperate to maintain control of Congress for the Republicans, to avoid impeachment perhaps. His desperation may have more than those two obvious reasons, and I am shocked to see it. From an earlier speech, as the one I watched wasn't available online yet. "The people have spoken. Unfortunately, this consensus is being undermined by activist judges and local officials who have struck down state laws protecting marriage and made an aggressive attempt to redefine marriage,"

During the speech I watched, he made as many references to "activist Judges" as he did Marriage. The problem is pretty obvious to the folks out here in America. You see, we recognize patterns, and the only time you seem to mention Gay Marriage Ban is during an election year when you are worried about your jobs. The last time, and as far as I can find, the first time since the campaign of 2000 that this issue became one worthy of discussion was 2004, and it hasn't been discussed once since then. Core Conservative principals aren't something you keep handy for when you are in trouble in the polls, or facing the prospect of being voted out of office, they guide you constantly. If we keep this up, we are going to be as bad as Ted Kennedy who screams "What about the Children" any time he needs a boost in the polls.

If the Republican Party has started viewing their supporters as though we are as stupid as the Yellow Dog Democrats, then it's past time for a Conservative Crackdown, it's time for a Conservative Revolution. The Republican Party was formed Phoenix like out of the ashes of the Whig party. Perhaps the next great political movement is waiting to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of the Republican Party.

We are watching the Republican Party become a characterization of the worst examples of the Democratic Party.


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