Sunday, June 11, 2006

Democrats universal in anti-Coulter screed

Just about every Democrat blogger, poster, and lunatic are agreed that Ann Coulter is evil, and should be silenced immediately. This by the way is not the first time they have demanded that Ann Coulter be silenced, or have those few publications that do publish her pressured into dropping her weekly commentary.

Further, Ann's Career is pretty much marked by annual demands that she be dropped by whatever publication is currently publishing her weekly commentary pieces. At the moment, Human Events is pretty much alone in it's publication of her, and kudos to them for the courage to publish someone that the left detests so much.

Why does Ann cause the left to go into such spasmodic fits? Often, just the mention of her name will be enough to get the spittle flying from the mouth of a Liberal.

Some of us will remember the last huge blow up in regards to Ann Coulter. It had to do with the Democratic Party claim that in 2003, Georgians bought into anti-Max Cleland propaganda and voted to out a decorated and maimed war hero in favor of chicken hawks who love war. Ann's first column on the subject, Cleland drops a political grenade, mentioned the loss of Max Cleland in that special way she has.

From her article: Former Sen. Max Cleland is the Democrats' designated hysteric about George Bush's National Guard service. A triple amputee and Vietnam veteran, Cleland is making the rounds on talk TV, basking in the affection of liberals who have suddenly become jock-sniffers for war veterans and working himself into a lather about President Bush's military service. Citing such renowned military experts as Molly Ivins, Cleland indignantly demands further investigation into Bush's service with the Texas Air National Guard.

As I live in Georgia, and participated in the 2002 election, I can tell you why I voted Max Cleland out of office. He was elected from a Conservative State, where Democrats are labeled "Dixiecrats" by the "enlightened" Democrats from around the nation. 2002 is where the Democratic party put the War on Terrorism as the main focus of the election, and lost big time. For those of you with a modicum of honesty, which pretty much rules out Liberals, you will remember that election, it was only four years ago after all. You can't run as a Conservative, and then spend time in Washington being liberal, and come home expecting to be re-elected. You just can't do it, because we who voted you into office, will vote you right back out at the next chance.

After the howls of outrage at Ann's first piece, Ann followed up the following week with her next article.

The liberals hate Ann Coulter, because she doesn't play nice like most of the Republicans. If you doubt me, watch any round table discussion where Republicans and Democrats are going to participate. The Republican will inevitably use his opening statement to describe the great respect and esteem he feels for his friend from across the isle. After lauding great platitudes upon the Democrat, the Republican will stay mute while the Democrat announces that once the Republican (possibly homophobic, racist, sexist, or generally filled with hatred) apologizes for being (the aforementioned traits) then the real discussions can begin. That by the way is the introduction of the Democrat.

Ann Coulter doesn't apologize, and in proving her point, they ignore the substance of her comments while denouncing the manner in which it is said. If she could only apologize, and then find a kinder and gentler manner of pointing out the Democratic Party has no argument and uses front people who are never to be questioned to put forth asinine arguments, then and only then can we discuss your reconciliation with the rest of America.

To Hell with that, I don't think that I want to get along with people who blame America for deranged people hating it.
US Gulag: "HUNDREDS of Men have been Held for YEARS Without Charge"!!!
Think about that ameriKans! These people have been kidnapped and held hostage by the USA for YEARS!!U.S.: 3 Gitmo inmates hanged themselves

This is so shameful of our country
I offer tears at the suicides. No charges, no trials, just histrionics of a rabid war environment.

Personally, I figure it's a more economical decision to give the detainees sheets and other items to commit suicide with. A dead terrorist can't hurt anyone ever again.


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