Saturday, June 03, 2006

President Bush grasps at Gay Marriage straw

President Bush appears to finally notice his sagging poll ratings, and the general displeasure of those who supported his campaign, and voted for him. In his weekly Radio Address the President states Good morning. Next week, the United States Senate will begin debate on a constitutional amendment that defines marriage in the United States as the union of a man and woman. On Monday, I will meet with a coalition of community leaders, constitutional scholars, family and civic organizations, and religious leaders. They're Republicans, Democrats, and independents who've come together to support this amendment. Today, I want to explain why I support the Marriage Protection Amendment, and why I'm urging Congress to pass it and send it to the states for ratification.

The only problem here is that now it looks like a political play to energize the base, instead of following through on a campaign issue, or an issue important to the American People. The Washington Times has it's first article on it and is calling it "Bush Circles the Wagons" which is not entirely without merit as a point.

The only good news so far is the histrionics that it's causing to the Liberal Blogs and the usual suspects are out shouting as usual. The NY Times has it's normal spin, Bush Supporters are hicks and dumb and just too stupid to realize what is good for them etc.

What the liberals and the others don't realize was once characterized, accurately in my opinion, as a Conservative Crack Down, by Rush Limbaugh. When the Bush Supporters are thought to be leaving the reservation, we aren't doing what the Liberals think we are. We are pointing out that the Conservative answer is much different from what the President, or our Beltway Republicans are doing. We haven't left the reservation, we refuse to follow the leaders off the reservation. That is an important distinction, as we the people know what Conservative is. We know when an issue is being addressed in a less than Conservative manner, and we aren't willing to step far off the Conservative line to meet halfway.

For many in Washington, Bi-Partisan means "you give up what you want, and agree with me or I will not support you" and the Republicans have done that far too often in the opinion of many people. Partisan isn't bad, it means you hold fast to your beliefs, to your principals. Partisan gives the people something to choose, and when you abandon those ideals, those beliefs, the people who picked your ideals, your stated beliefs, are left disappointed.

Gay Marriage isn't just anathema to our nations history, but to the historical context of Marriage in general. Marriage was first conducted before God, as part of a Religious Ceremony. As time went by, Divorce began to crop up, and legal issues began to spring forth from Marriage. In an effort to regulate Divorce, the Government began to regulate Marriage. Who could, and could not conduct a wedding. Who could declare someone as married, and who could not. Part of that understood, if not stated regulation was the idea that Marriage was between a man and woman, as the original ceremony came from Religious practice.

Last election cycle, the issue was one of "Civil Unions" instead of "Gay Marriage". The Democrats pushed hard for the Civil Unions, claiming they wanted something to protect the rights of the Homosexual Community, but not Gay Marriage. That was a lie, and they knew it at the time. It clearly violated the principals of Separate but equal and was proposed knowing it would be found to be Unconstitutional because of that violation. However, the remedy of the court was just as obvious, they would strike down the "Civil Union" and order that all unions be converted over to Marriage, and remain so forever.

President Bush is right, a Constitutional Amendment is the only answer that is both legal, and binding to all states. I just wish it wasn't tossed out like he was throwing Conservatives a bone. Conservatives don't like it when someone treats them like dogs, or fools. It's going to be an Election issue again, and Beltway Republicans will use the issue to remain in power, covering up their less than stellar performance on Immigration or on any number of other issues, that they have taken the "moderate" line on.

Perhaps this is a continuation of the Conservative Crackdown, but it looks like they are tossing the base a bone, and hoping to pull the wool out to cover our eyes. If so, I suggest they re-think the plan, because we the members of the base know, we know Conservative principals when we see it.

UPDATE: Hot Air has found the President's action on the issue wanting as well.


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