Friday, June 02, 2006

Bush Derangement Syndrome Continues

The Post Election Selection Trauma or PEST continues with an article from Rolling Stone magazine. The problem with the vast majority of Conspiracy Theory proponents is that frankly, they are too demented to argue with logically. Bush Derangement Syndrome is the common name for this problem. However as we move forward, we have to expect that the problem will be re-named for whomever is the next Republican President.

After the embarrassing election in Florida 2000 in which the Democrats screamed Foul at losing, and rumors of huge conspiracy's abounded all of which the MSM chased with vigor, it seems that in 2004, the MSM isn't interested in any more theory's. Unable to produce more than a handful of actual victims, the proponents of the theory's instead use wild mathematical formulas to "demonstrate the fraud and election tampering".

They use eyewitness accounts of massive groups of people, purportedly from the Republican Party, to claim massive intimidation efforts, again the tens of thousands of purported victims are apparently unavailable to testify.

All these conspiracy theories are problematic, as they use mathematical formulas to try and cover up the absence of evidence. Showing something on paper to support an ideal of yours is fine, it may even demonstrate your theory. The problem with a theory is that once any evidence is found to debunk the theory, it must be scrapped.

This by the way is the history of any theory. From the original ideal that the earth was flat, to the idea of Quantum mathematics of the String Theory. Each theory is either proven, or disproven, yet is still qualified as a theory, because it may be disproven later.

So what evidence do the proponets of the Election theory offer? A review of the available data reveals that in Ohio alone, at least 357,000 voters, the overwhelming majority of them Democratic, were prevented from casting ballots or did not have their votes counted in 2004

After following a number of links, to find the evidence of the 357,000 violated voters, we find instead a myriad assembly of minor infractions. Including but not limited to a single alarm on the warehouse where the votes and machines are stored. No list of names of outed voters, not one single actual case of "Bob was prevented from voting" list. Instead estimates of the actual reports show numbers of voters "at risk" of being disqualified improperly. At risk means it may happen, not that it has, or did.

What we see is a determination of the Democrats to explain why the Exit Polls are not accurate, yet again. When the polling data doesn't match reality, reasonable, and logical people look to the formula, in this case the polling data, and wonder what is wrong it it. Liberals look to Reality and try and figure out why Reality is wrong. That has a name by the way, it's proper name is Delusional Persecutory Type: delusion that the person (or someone to whom the person is close) is being malevolently treated in some way. Yep, the world is out to get the Democrats. It's easier for them to deal with than Reality. reality would mean that the Democrats are not favored by Americans anymore, because the Nation really has become more Conservative. That reality is too much for the far left wing to deal with, so they continue to grasp at Conspiracy Theory to sustain their belief that everyone really does think like they do. If the voting machines were banned state by state and Dems get a square count, Dems will be victorious because the Dem priorities and issues are the right ones for most Americans and always have been...

Thanks to the Democratic Underground for proving my theory, again, and demonstrating how out of touch with Reality the Democratic Party is today.

UPDATE: Democratic Underground is at it again. See the whole thread of Election Reform posts at the site. They are convinced beyond any ability to discuss the issue that they are the Majority, and any results that don't show that, even in Utah, are proof of the stolen elections.

Hot Air has a good overview of this most recent example of the delusionary behavior of the Liberal Democrats.

UPDATE: Hot Air has a number of links to this topic, all of which are interesting reading on the deranged left wing loonies.

Also see Expose the left for Video of RFK Jr. and his lunatic theory.


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