Saturday, June 03, 2006

Multi National Counter Terrorism activity

Hot Air, and Counterterrorism Blog are both reporting that the Canadian Arrests are part of a multi national effort to intercept terrorists prior to them conducting the attacks.

According to Counterterrorism Blog, it is even possible that the Canadian Terrorists were targeting a Nuclear Power Plant.

Now, according to the Star News Online the FBI raided a house and found RICIN within that house. FBI hazardous material experts searched a home where police found pipe bombs and a jar containing the potentially deadly poison ricin, federal agents said Friday.

The ricin was found in a baby food jar in a shed of the home owned by a man who went to jail last week for violating protection orders taken out by his estranged wife, according to local and federal officials. While this incident doesn't seem to be associated at first glance with the Jihad hopefuls in Canada, it is disturbing that a Biological Weapon was found in a home in East Nashville. Biological Weapons qualify as a Weapon of Mass Destruction for those who were unaware.

The house with the RICIN belonged to William Micheal (I know, it's spelled "wrong" but every paper in the nation has it spelled that way) Matthews and while he had not been charged on Friday for the Bombs and RICIN in his home, we can expect it in the near future unless I am much mistaken.

As was previously reported on too many blogs to list here, London ran a very successful raid and arrested a number of suspected terrorists. One can only hope that they spend what is left of their lives on the Isle of Wright.

To all those who are involved in these or other Counter Terror operations and investigations, excellent work, keep it up.


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