Saturday, March 26, 2011

Smart Power in Washington

We were told that the election of President Obama that we'd get Smart Power. While we were never exactly told what Smart Power would be, we were assured that it was exactly what it sounded like. The Democrats were just smarter, and Obama was the smartest of them all.

So we started Bombing Libya. Despite that there was no Congressional Authorization, which Candidate and self described Constitutional Expert and former Editor of the Law Review Obama swore was needed. Despite the fact that there was no direct threat to America, or our interests, we're bombing. We were told that President Obama was going to get Al Qaeda.

Get them what? Their own country? We are bombing in Libya, with no clue who we are helping, or what we are doing. At least in Iraq we had ten years of Intelligence assets having collected some information. In Afghanistan, we had a few people we'd been talking to from time to time since we helped them overthrow the Soviets.

Apparently in Libya, we just called people at random on the phone and asked if they needed some bombs to help them defeat the brutal Dictator, Gaddafi. Because it turns out, the Smart Power in the Administration, is bombing to help Al Qaeda and The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which to date we have called the Rebels in Libya. Elsewhere around the region we've identified them as Terrorists, Insurgents, and barbaric murdering criminals.

Now, Gaddafi is no prince, but at least he is not the enemy we've been fighting for the last nine years all over the region. Are we hoping that the radical Islamic loons who to date have spent every waking moment of their life working, and praying that the Great Satan America is destroyed will decide that we aren't so bad, and perhaps we should only have our knees broken?

If this is Smart Power, then we're doomed. If this is the best we can do, ride to the rescue of a people oppressed by a brutal dictator, and give control to an even more brutal group of lunatics who will then have their own military to plan and launch attacks against us, financed by our own oil purchases, we're screwed.


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