Monday, March 14, 2011

The Oxymoron of Gun Control

President Obama has taken the liberty of taking time out of his busy schedule to write an Op Ed in the Arizona Daily Star. In it, he explains how he is in favor of the Second Amendment, but says we need to first realize that in Arizona, a man who was disqualified from joining the Army, still managed to buy a gun, and murder 13 people.

Mr. President, how about the man who was able to join the Army, and also murdered 13 people. The warning signs there were so egregious that the Army is going to discipline nine officers for failing to do their duty about him.

OK, let's ignore the economy that is so bad that thirty five percent of our citizens are on welfare. That is far less important as a subject for your Op Ed than a shooting.

Let's ignore the Earthquake, and Tsunami in Japan, where early estimates are for over ten thousand dead, and with the distinct possibility of a Nuclear Meltdown, a disaster of unequaled magnitude could well greet us in the morning news. Far less important.

Instead, you want to rail against a system that allows a man like Jared Lee Laughner to be crazy as a loon, and still buy a gun. Fine, lets talk about that Mr. President. How much do you feel responsible for egging on borderline psychotics with instructions for them to argue and get in the face of those who disagree with them? Or perhaps Mr. Laughner merely heard your advice about bringing a gun to a knife fight?

So somehow we are supposed to prevent crazy people from ever harming another person. Mr. President, as much as I grieve for those who lost their lives on that tragic day in Tucson, and as much as I grieve for anyone who loses a loved one. I think that your time, your efforts, and your leadership should be on issues of more national import. Right now, our nation is teetering on a brink, and you aren't leading on any issue we need you to. You wanted the job, you fought for the job, campaigned tirelessly for the job. The job you have isn't to write Editorials for a paper in Arizona, it's to lead the nation. Our economy is in the worst shape it's been in since the Great Depression. Gas prices are skyrocketing, costs to families struggling to make ends meet are going through the roof. Instead of focusing on those problems, and coming up with solutions, you're wasting time writing about this? When your Army, and it's your Army sir, you are the Commander in Chief, was victimized exactly the same way by a man who COULD and DID join the Army.

Mr. President, we have ten thousand gun related laws on the books, and no law is ever going to make Americans Safe. You simply can't just legislate this away. Lunatics have driven cars into crowds. Psychotics have stabbed people to death, choked them, drown them. Susan Smith drove her kids into a lake, drowning them. Jack the Ripper sliced them up like Sushi. A psychopath will find a way.


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