Saturday, April 24, 2010

Arctic Global Warming demonstration ends badly.

Another foolish believer in the Global Warming psudo-science has been rescued from the Arctic. Apparently, he hadn't gotten the word that despite the hysteria of the Extremist Global Warming alarmists, the Arctic is still freaking cold.

This by the way makes four years in a row that Extremists have been rescued from the North Pole.

So the Global Warming extremist now has Frostbite. Perhaps he hadn't heard that the ice sheet has been growing, and in fact is now equally large as it was when we first started to track it. Or perhaps on his Global Warming Mailing list, the dolt hadn't heard that temperatures were actually dropping on both the Arctic and Antarctic. The whole record cold winters the world has been enduring hasn't yet managed to convince the global warming extremists that the hype hasn't delivered yet.

I hope you didn't have any plans for those fingers friend, because you lost them with your stunt. Perhaps we can send more Global Warming Extremists next year, so we can all sit back and shake our heads at the future Darwin Award Winners.

Perhaps our intrepid Global Warming Activist will next demonstrate rising sea levels by cementing his feet to the bottom of the ocean.


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