Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Government cancels Cancer Patients Medicare

When the Obamacare debate began, people like me pointed out all the horror stories that Government run health care spawned. We were just nitpicking, or we were hyping the story, or we were just trying to scare people was the inevitable response from the left wing. We would hear how the US was the only Industrialized Nation without Universal Health Care.

We would point out how people were dying in the other system, and how they were mis-treated, or left to have babies in the halls due to shortages and rationing.

Pish Posh we were told. We have to do this to keep the Insurance Companies from Canceling people who got sick.

Yet, imagine my surprise when I got an email telling me to check out the Limbaugh show, and I find that a woman had her Medicare canceled right before she was to get a bone marrow transplant surgery performed that would save her life. Wait, Medicare? The Federally Funded program that we are pushing more people into? Medicare?

Oh, the same Medicare that had to be cut to be able to afford the Obamacare program. That Medicare.

So we can assume that the cancellation of this woman's procedure was part of President Obama's plan to cut waste, fraud, and abuse right? That was where he said we would save the money in the Medicare Cuts. Yet it seems to me, that they are cutting out services and treatments.

Obviously this isn't the rationing that we warned about. That will come next. This is the Federal Government canceling coverage for a woman who got sick. This is the very thing that President Obama told us would happen if we didn't pass his overhaul. It's a shame that Medicare doesn't fall under the State Insurance Commissioners right? If they did, then the Insurance Commissioner could examine the cancellation and see if it was in violation of State Law.

Now, this woman got her story on the news, and people around her community and the nation chipped in money to help her get her treatment. It's a shame that she couldn't count on the Federal Government, but got lucky instead and got on the news, otherwise she would be dead because the Feds answer to no one.


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