Thursday, April 15, 2010

Paging Mr. Orwell, please check your email.

George Orwell's works including nineteen eighty-four, are often invoked whenever civil liberties, or personal freedom, or truth appear to be victims of the Government for supposed collective security. I readily admit it leaped into my mind when I read this news story.

The short story is this. The Government is now claiming that by using an Internet email service like Yahoo, or Google, or any service that stores your messages outside of your possession, in other words, in the Internet instead of on your personal computer, means you have no expectation of privacy. In other words, you are entitled to be secure in your person, and papers. Sure you are. However, anything that is outside your immediate physical reach, not so much.

Google has joined with Yahoo, and others to continue the fight to explain to our sworn defenders of the Constitution the importance of the Fourth Amendment. The interesting thing here is that while President Bush was in office, the screeches from many, myself included, about the violations of Civil Rights and the Constitution by the PATRIOT ACT were loud and often. Yet, now that President Obama is the man in the oval office, you don't hear quite so much from the left anymore about the Unconstitutional aspects of this kind of action.

Yet you do hear a few people outraged about this. You see, the Constitution matters. Who is elected to "protect and defend" doesn't matter. The Constitution is what is supposed to matter. If someone you don't like violates the Constitution, it's easy to scream he is doing something wrong. If someone you do like performs the same action, you remain silent, then the Constitution doesn't matter to you.

With this news on Drudge today, you would expect someone to be talking about it on the left. Nope, not so much. I breezed through the Democratic Underground or DUmmies. The Daily Kos, or the Kos Kids. I went through Arianna Huffington's (I only take a private jet if it's going there anyway) Huffington Post. Not one blog post, not one missive. Instead there were dozens of posts where the DUmmies were announcing their intent to infiltrate the Tea Party protestors. Yeah, because people who think that 50% taxes is too much, and out of control Government spending is wrong, are more dangerous than anything else going on.

Perhaps the DUmmies and the Kos Kids, and the Huffsters will be told tomorrow that this email fight is good for the nation, because then we can round up all those who don't think like we do. I think it's a bad thing, no matter who is in power.


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