Thursday, March 18, 2010

Truth from a Democrat

A video linked by Drudge, and by Hot Air, and Michelle Malkin, and goodness knows how many others, is astounding that it tells the truth.

Now what is astounding, is this is a Democrat admitting that they've been stealing money in Washington, and tells us honestly that they will keep it up.

Now, Pay as you go, a proposal, and a rule for the Congress, has been ignored already. They have no intention of paying for anything as they go. Congress always tells us that they're powerless to do anything about it, they have to do things this way.

I'm going to thank the Shilling Show for finding this, and posting it to YouTube. I'm further going to thank Democratic Congressman Perrillo for admitting the truth that we've all understood for so long. It's nice to know that one person up there is at least marginally honest.


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