Thursday, March 18, 2010

But they did it too... And other Childish remarks

We've all seen it. Someone gets caught doing something wrong, and the first words out of their mouths is that someone else did it too.

It's childish, and it's a stupid response. I mention it today because of the Deem and Pass that the Democrats are planning on using to pass the Senate Version of Obamacare without passing Obamacare. So when people mention it is wrong to do that, the Democrats all scream that the Republicans did it too.

It was just as wrong when they did it. It was their abuses in 2006 that led to the Democrats winning back the house if you remember. People didn't like the procedural games and attitude that Congress had, and they voted the Republicans out.

It was part of the reason that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi promised us the most open, responsive, transparent, and ethical congress ever. She didn't mean it, obviously, but she said it partially over abuses like Deem and Pass.

Yet now the Democrats are abusing the system just like the Republicans did, and then they actually expect to be re-elected to another term in office? This is another example of why I am firmly in the there is no difference between the parties camp. The Republicans should never have done it, the Democrats should never use this Demon Pass technique, no one should.

If it's wrong for one, it's wrong for all. It is one of the reasons that the people voted the Republicans out of office for. It's one of the reasons the Democrats will lose seats in the next election. They haven't lived up to one tenth of the promise they made. They haven't been open, transparent, or ethical. The people who abandoned the Republicans in 2006 will be abandoning the Democrats in 2010, and I wonder how it will be spun by those who are even now screaming that the Republicans did it too.


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