Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why I love Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin has replaced Rush Limbaugh as the Conservative Liberals love to hate. I joked with the wife that if you wanted to avoid hiring a Liberal, the best thing you could do is put a picture of Sarah Palin in your office, an autographed picture would be best, and just watch the applicants enter the room and try to get the job.

A liberal would see the picture, and start to twitch, and before long would be screaming that Sarah Palin is an idiot, and only a bigger idiot would have her picture on the wall. Thus, you would avoid hiring a perpetual complainer who would be a serious drain on the moral of the rest of the employees, and have justification. Spitting all over the office as you rant and rave aren't really good tricks to use to get a job.

Now, to today's reason I love Sarah Palin. Scientific American has an article, that finally explains the end of days theory. The earth will be destroyed if Sarah Palin is elected President. Seriously. I honestly wish I was joking here.

That's right, the connection to 2012 and the end of our world is Sarah Palin. Thankfully, the author has a plan to save the earth, don't elect Sarah Palin, and oh by the way, accept Global Warming, or Man Made Climate Change, or whatever they're calling it this week.

Sarah Palin is a the red cape to the Liberals who happily play the part of the bulls. All you have to do is wave it once, and they can't resist charging it. No matter how stupid they look, no matter how asinine their deranged arguments are, they won't resist the impulse to scream it's all Sarah Palin's fault.

They used to have this kind of reaction to Rush Limbaugh, but they've reached the pretend he doesn't exist stage again. They go through these stages from time to time. Absolute focus on everything he says, and then ignoring him and hoping he'll go away, only to return to absolute outraged focus over something he will say.

However, with Sarah Palin, they never reach the pretend she doesn't exist stage. A picture of her will send them into twitching migraines in record time. If she dares to speak, and say anything, they start frothing at the mouth and go into seizures.

Now, we know why the earth will be destroyed in 2012. Sarah Palin may be elected President. The best thing about that day will be watching all the Liberals have strokes all over the world. I wonder where I go to donate to the Sarah for President fund? Perhaps we can rename it the Send Liberals into Conniption Fit fund.


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