Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New day, new Liberal Histrionics

Liberal Histrionics, defined as normal liberal tantrums by the grown ups, have long been a bell weather. If a Liberal isn't flailing around apoplectic with rage, then you're not doing it right according to Ann Coulter.

Apparently, Texas is doing it right. A San Francisco Liberal goes right past the hoity sniffing at the changes the Texas State School Board is making, and enters stage three insane rage. He accuses Texas of claiming that the Slaves wanted to be, that the Indians were helped by the White Man, and that Viet-Nam was a big victory until the Liberals screwed it up.

Yet, none of these charges are backed up by his evidence, a link to another story that keeps the outrage to sniffing, or level one liberal rage. You reach that with most liberals by wearing a leather jacket. Fur goes to two, or three, depending on the Liberal in question as a comparison.

Now, you know when a Liberal is just outraged for the sake of being outraged. They refuse to give specific examples for their outrage. An example of this would be. They would describe the problems with a conviction of a cop killer by highlighting the procedural errors in the case. The Liberals would tell you specifically what page of the proposed legislation would be used to outlaw a woman's right to choose. In other words, the devil, is in the details.

Yet, our pundit here, doesn't give any examples. He just makes them up and then says that no one should be forced to be brainwashed by the Texas State School Board. One of the horrific changes is that the United States is being referenced as a Constitutional Republic, instead of a Democracy. Well, that's actually true as I explained here.

A strict definition of a Democracy is one person, one vote, each issue. This form of Democracy was practiced in Greek City states in the thousand or so years BC. Yet, our form is that we elect representatives, who in turn, make the decisions and cast the important votes within the framework of the Constitution. In other words, a Constitutional Representative Republic.

So why would this upset the Liberals? The accurate name for things should be something we all strive for right? I'm not sure why the Libs are so upset about this, but perhaps the Lib who wrote this was suffering from a buildup of Republican Rage since he can't really blame Bush anymore. Either way, Texas, you're apparently doing it right.


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