Monday, January 25, 2010

The problem with Air America and Liberals

Air America, the liberal dream to destroy Rush Limbaugh, filed for bankruptcy. The most common reaction that people in the world felt was. "Wait, they were still on the air?"

Now, Liberals have a problem. They don't understand reality, so they have no clue how to exist outside of the College Campus. That problem has always affected Liberals, and their solutions to whatever problems society is facing. Their answers simply put, exacerbate the problem.

Air America according to this explanation, failed not because they had a moronic business model, but because the Liberals just don't listen to the radio. Yeah, that's it.

Privately owned Radio Stations have to pay the bills, the income from those stations is in the form of Advertising. The biggest Advertisers, are the biggest Corporations. Now, name a corporation, or business that Liberals like. I'll take a minute and give you time to think. So Corporations that would like to advertise to sell products, or services, are simply put, not welcome on the Air America Radio format.

Who is going to advertise? GM? "Check out our new Chevrolet Pick Up truck, it's bigger and better than ever. It can tow a 747, and handle your weekend projects with ease." The song comes on talking about how Chevy is built like a Rock. Then the radio program comes back and the environmental nuts are screaming about how awful the new Chevy Pickup truck is. How anyone who buys it is in essence shooting a baby seal in the head. So Chevy won't be advertising will they?

Take any company, and the Liberals can't help but rail against it. So why would those companies spend advertising dollars to support people who don't like them, for an audience who won't buy the products?

Now, we can look at the ratings, and why Air America failed is simple. Dishonesty and completely out of touch opinions. After an hour of listening to them rant about how it's all the Republicans fault, you get bored and move on. They had no principals worth mentioning, and no ideals other than the single one, destroy Limbaugh.

When you look at the Air America business plan, you' can't help but think about South Park, who discussed bad business plans on the Underpants Gnomes episode. Their Business plan was simple.

Phase One: Collect Underpants
Phase Two: ??
Phase Three: Profit

What exactly phase two was, just never really got cleared up. However, they had a good idea to begin, and a goal, but that darned bridge phase, just didn't seem to work out.

Enjoy the clip, because the discussions on Air America were probably pretty similar.

Phase One: Start Radio Network
Phase Two:?
Phase Three: Destroy Limbaugh and the Republicans


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