Saturday, January 23, 2010

Police beat teenager for bottle of soda.

The story, a 18 year old senior violinist honor student at a Pittsburgh High School was beaten by three police officers who were "trying to determine what heavy object he had in his pocket".

This video is from the local news story.

Now, to make sure I understand. The police's only probable cause was that they saw a black teenager walking down the street with what appeared to be something heavy in his pocket. These plainclothes officers then started after the boy. This young man then did what anyone would do if suddenly chased, he ran. He was then beaten, stun gunned, and get this, hit by a tree branch during the "arrest."

OK, so the story thus far. Three trained adult male police officers had to beat this young man so badly that his eye was swollen shut, his jaw was swollen shut, and the twigs of the tree branch had in fact, penetrated his gums.

Who decided these three fools should be police officers in the first place? If it takes three men, who are supposedly trained to arrest people, to take down a teenager, and they have to use a stun gun, and a handy tree branch for a club to do it, what kind of cops are they? I can understand if the police officer was working alone, and was attacked by three people, that he grabbed a tree branch to defend himself. I can understand if the Police Officer grabbed a tree branch to use as a club if he was in a riot and seriously outnumbered.

I can't understand how you have the boy outnumbered three to one, and you still have to rip his hair out, literally, and beat him down with a tree branch. Whatever your talents may be, you are obviously inept as a police officer.

Now, according to Jordon Miles, they drew weapons on him. The police claim they thought the young man was armed. I have a hard time with that. Every heavy pocket is not a gun, and merely the existence of a heavy pocket is hardly probable cause to stop and search the young man.

The DA in Pittsburgh should drop all charges, and issue an apology. If an investigation is warranted, it would be better served looking into these three officers. This is obviously excessive use of force, and quite possibly Felony Assault.


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