Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Scott Brown won the special election in Massachusetts. Astounding, absolutely astounding. Honestly, I didn't expect this result.

Congradulations Scott Brown, and the citizens of Massachusetts. You have impressed and surprised me beyond my ability to describe.

What does this mean for President Obama? Obamacare is dead. The darned thing he's been trying to ram through Congress is the nail that was driven into the coffin now.

Why? Because Conservative values matter to Americans. We care about Conservative principals.

One thing President Obama and the Democrats keep saying is that a vote for Brown was a vote to go back to the way things were before President Obama. That's the problem Mr. President.

Then we had 5% or less unemployment. Essentially statistical full employment. Now we have double that, and that's just the folks still drawing unemployment checks. You're darned right people want to go back, they want to go back to work. They want jobs, and you've been wasting time focusing on your Obamacare bill.

Mr. President, forgive me for explaining this as though to a simpleton. However, when in charge, you tackle the most important problem first. Let's say you're the captain of a ship. It doesn't matter a fetid dingo's kidney if the brass is shiny, when the boat is sinking.

Sir, you passed up opportunity to fix things. Your stimulus package was a payoff to your supporters in slush funds for political cronies. We know, we see it. You bought GM, and propped up a failing corporation, at our expense. You screwed up the Bank Bailouts, and you picked your cronies to be your Cabinet. The people noticed, and we saw the caliber of people you selected.

We were told that these were the best people available. You would think with the rising unemployment, that someone else had to be available.

Mr. President, it's time to consider something. Something that President Clinton figured out. Liberal agenda items don't sell well with the public. He figured that out when the Republicans won big in 1994. He became far more conservative, and a better President for this nation after that date.

It's time to throw off those far left wing radicals, and hire yourself some Conservatives to advise you Mr. President. The far left wing Liberals may be more acceptable to your circle of friends, but they suck as advisers, or leaders. Think about it Mr. President, or you'll find yourself on the end of an Election Night shocker in 2012. The people of one of the most liberal states in the Union have spoken, and they rejected you as well as your anointed shoe in.


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