Monday, January 25, 2010

President Obama and the TelePrompTer

The running joke is that President Obama doesn't seem to be able to say Good Morning without the trusty TelePrompTer there to help him. The TelePrompTer of the United States has a blog page, where he tells the world how hard he and the "Big Guy" are working for the people.

Late Night Comedians have joked about it. The Onion has spoofed this dependence on the scripting tool.

So last week, the President was speaking to some kids in an Elementary School in Virginia. Now, as he is addressing children in the earliest stage of Development, we can assume that he was able to manage this without giving comedy material to the web right?

Er, no, he can't. As can be clearly shown in the picture. President Obama is addressing kids in the 6th Grade and has the usual TelePrompTer set up he needs when saying Good Morning, or ordering lunch.


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