Thursday, February 26, 2009

Parental Rights versus Rights of the Child

A UN Treaty that President Clinton signed, but the Senate failed to Ratify languishes in limbo but is about to be resurrected by Senator Barbara Boxer. This document gives the Government absolute authority in raising your children. Of course, the Liberals in Government who love Government answers to problems, are in favor of this. 

The main reason to ratify this? Why Somalia and the United States are the only nations who haven't, and that's embarrassing. 

I must be old fashioned. I believe it's not only the Parents right, but the Parents duty to teach the children not only the difference between right and wrong, but the moral foundation that is the foundation of those ideas of right and wrong. This is one of many problems I have with experts in rearing children. Those experts confuse fuzzy headed wishful thinking with logical common sense truth. 

I have wondered for years how much truth there is to the idea that Psychology and Sociology exist to make the immoral normal. From my observations of the so called experts, I think there may be a bit more truth to that than I did before. The idea of this Treaty being given more than a cursory glance and then rejected out of hand is asinine.

The idea that President Clinton actually signed it is even more foolish, and the idea that President Obama would consider signing it, and there are actually supposedly wise people who want it signed demonstrates we are beyond the line de-marking the end of foolish, and living in stupidville. 

Liberals, answer me this. What good does this Treaty do? It gives a panel of UN "experts" sway over raising our children. It could make it a crime to communicate the morals and ideals you hold as sacred and absolute. 

Let's for example, consider this. You consider the consumption of meat to be immoral. You communicate this to your child. You convince your child that you are right, and the only moral answer is to become a Vegan. Some doctors agree that you are wrong, and the Government takes your children from you because the law says they must. The Government spends years telling the children that you are insane and dangerous to them. When you finally get to visit you child, they want nothing to do with an insane person like you. Impossible you say? 

Then show me a law that has never been abused. The AMT, or Alternative Minimum Tax for example. This tax was intended to target 155 households that paid little or no tax. An outrage according to the Liberals, that 155 households out of more than 200 Million people were using the tax laws the Government passed to pay little or no tax. We had to pass a law to punish those people who were playing by the rules. 

Now of course, tens of thousands of households are subject to the AMT, and this is one example. Giving power to Government is never a wise choice. Signing and ratifying this Treaty is such a colossally bad idea, it will probably happen in the next couple months. 


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