Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Government in danger of falling in Mexico

Things are bad in Mexico, the drug cartels are really running the country. Kidnappings for ransom are on the rise. More than 700 in 2007, and while I don't have the numbers for 2008, they were on the rise in the early part of the year.

The Mayor of Juarez Mexico has moved his family to El Paso Texas, and is reported to be sleeping there. Imagine that if you will, your local Mayor is so threatened that he can't stay in town, and in fact, has to go to another country to sleep at night with a moderate amount of safety. 

The Governor of Chihuahua was attacked, but it's claimed that the attack on his convoy was a disagreement between his bodyguards and some random armed gunmen. 

First, that the Governor needs a Convoy to travel, a convoy of armed men to protect him is disturbing. Then to seriously claim that the attacks are merely the result of minor disagreements with random roving bands of men armed with automatic weapons. Hello? Does anyone but me find that a little thin? 

Then the Gang Violence is spilling over into the United States. I suppose this is a plus for the Open Boarders gang, but for the rest of us, it's proof positive that an open boarder is very dangerous for AMERICANS. 

The Homeland Security representative agreed that the Violence from the Drug Cartels continues to rise in the United States, and that is international in nature. Yet, for some reason no one says it's time to close the boarder with Mexico and seal it tight. 

The Government wanted a Virtual Fence. I wanted strands of Barbed Wire, Razor Wire, Minefields, and men in towers with Machine Guns. I wanted the DMZ from North Korea transported to the United States to protect our citizens. 

I also want ways to cross that boarder, legally. I want Ellis Island like processing stations where immigrants can be health screened and background checked and then welcomed to the United States as Resident Aliens on the path to Citizenship. 

In short, I want to protect the citizens of the United States, and the Government seems to want to protect the good working relationship we have with the Mexican Government. 

Here is the problem, the Government in Mexico, isn't really in charge. They are elected, but the Cartels are really running the show. It is as if Mexico embraced the hype of Chicago during Prohibition, and the gangs really are in charge. Would you want Al Capone to be the one calling the shots in your town? 

Reforming the Immigration Process to streamline and more readily welcome immigrants, coupled with closing the boarder is the only answer that could possibly work. Why aren't we doing it?


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