Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Lesser of Two Evils

Presidential Elections, as far as history has developed, has become a choice of two mediocre individuals of late. Granted, that has been the case far too often in History. We could discuss many historical elections, President Ford and President Carter's race. The history of that election could be used for Insomniacs who don't respond to heavy medication.

Ronald Reagan is perhaps the last Presidential Candidate who really inspired the population, and yes Liberals, I include Bill Clinton and George W. Bush as well. Bob Dole was another great assistance to those who suffer from sleep disorders. That brings us to a great question, why are we left with these mediocre candidates?

I started to consider this question after reading a piece by Hugh Hewitt. During an interview with another blogger, Hewitt is shocked by the responses of the Blogger.

HH: Okay, so my last question for you is, if you had to cast a vote today in a Republican primary near you, who would you vote for?
TJ: If it were in Virginia?
HH: And declared candidates only.
TJ: I would probably vote for Tom Tancredo, to tell you the truth.
HH: Are you out of your mind?!?!?!?
TJ: Not that I think that Tom Tancredo is electable, and not that I think that Tom Tancredo is…
HH: Terry, okay, I’m going to change my question. Between Romney, McCain and Giuliani, who would you vote for?
TJ: I don’t know. I honestly don’t know.
HH: What?
TJ: I would not vote for Giuliani. I can absolutely tell you I would not vote for Giuliani. Between McCain and Romney? I don’t know.

Hugh is shocked that anyone would support a candidate who is unelectable according to conventional wisdom. Further Hugh is very upset that Terence Jeffery would not happily jump on the bandwagon for whomever wins the Republican Nomination.

Hugh, Terence is closer to the public ideals than you are. Look at the last midterm election, which we are suffering in now. It was obvious that election wasn't a vote FOR Liberalism. It was a rebellion of the Conservatives who refused to support a party which had abandoned the Conservative Principals. Conservative Principals are what Ronald Reagan ran on. It's what allowed Newt to become Speaker of the House, when the Republicans "took over the house" in 2002. Conservative ideals were the fuel of the times when apathy was dispelled in this nation over political ideals. When we dared to hope that the Conservative Ideals would take hold, we voted and got the "conservative candidate" into office, and watched them become more moderate with each passing day.

Hugh, we want Conservatives, who are conservative not only during the campaign, but once they win. We want another Ronald Reagan, we want an unapologetic, unabashed conservative who can communicate our ideals to the public the way Reagan did.

Instead we are offered the Blue Blood, Country Club Republicans of yesteryear. We didn't like them then, we don't want them now. I won't support McCain. I won't donate to McCain, and won't vote for McCain. If he is the nominee, I would vote, but not for him. He has betrayed too many conservative ideals in the past to be trusted by me ever again. From Bankruptcy reform to McCain-Feingold. From Amnesty for Illegal Aliens to any other issue you wish, McCain is not a Conservative. His Straight Talk is about the lies of low expectations. We refuse to take on the hard challenge because it's not possible in the current political views as laid out in the New York Times. That is taking the easy way out, and refusing to address the problems honestly.

I understand that the conventional wisdom is that this election is going to be between Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator John McCain, my vote will be a write in for Mickey Mouse, or whatever I feel like writing in the blank. Perhaps Michael Steele will be my write in, or Zell Miller. The point is simple there cheerleaders for the Republican Party. Show me a candidate who is a Conservative. Show me someone who knows what the problems are, and isn't looking for the Politically Correct, New York Times mandated solution. Show me someone who is going to call for less Government spending on all programs. I know what you are thinking gentle reader, I am giving the election to Hillary. That is my point, it doesn't matter which of the two are elected. Both are disasters. I don't go to the polls to exercise my Franchise to vote against a candidate, I show up to vote FOR a candidate, and there aren't any to vote FOR yet.

Does that mean I am betraying my Republican Friends? Yes, it might. However I think that the last election clearly indicated that the Republicans betrayed the Conservatives, and we were sick of it.



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