Monday, January 08, 2007

Dead Soldier in Al Jazeera viedo, alive and well.

The Drudge Report is linking to an ABC News Blotter story about a propaganda video put out by Terrorists in Iraq, claiming that the video is of a Soldier they had killed. It was family wishes that the troop recorded, and the terrorists and Al Jazeera claimed that the video had been captured when they killed the soldier.

One problem, the troop is actually alive, he returned stateside in May, and spent the Holiday season with his family. The voice over on the Video claiming to be the Soldier in question decries the "war crimes" he and his fellow soldiers committed.

So we can trust Al Jazeera to continue being the face of the Terrorists right?

A producer at al Jazeera said it would change its description of the video after learning from ABC News that the soldier was not dead.

OK, we aren't going to pull the video, or do a story on how we (Al Jazeera network) were duped into showing anti-American propaganda. We aren't going to do a story interviewing the soldier in question to see if he made the anti-war statements purported. We aren't going to bring into question the honor or truthfulness of the terrorists, we are going to change the description.

Laura Mansfield, an Arabic language analyst and publisher of a newsletter "Strategic Translations" that tracks jihadi websites, said this is a new trick in the jihadists' propaganda campaign.
"This is part of a very shrewd campaign to reach a U.S. audience, soldiers and voters," she said. "It is in English and forgives most soldiers and Americans, calling on them to help end the war."
Also on the tape is a description, supposedly from Tucker, of how soldiers buy their way out of dangerous night patrols and gun turret duty with cash and drugs.
"The marijuana-rolled cigarettes are the rare currency capable of buying or changing anything. The drugs goes all around here," says the voice.
And it ends with a final denunciation of U.S. leaders and policy.
"What we are doing here is so disgraceful; our acts are shameful," says the voice. He then signs off, "Specialist Lee Kimball Tucker."

Apparently the nuts at Al Jazeera and the Terrorist's have been watching Apocalypse Now one too many times.

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