Sunday, June 25, 2006

People planning to raise taxes, again

In a continuation of what makes France a great nation, including the great unemployment rate of over 9% currently, down from it's high of over 10%. Of course, the reason it's down is that France has rolled back some of it's socialist ideals in favor of competition and responsibility, hardly good Socialist ideals I know.

Enter Ben Stein, the former Reagan Official, whom Democrats would rather die than quote normally, unless the person says something they agree with wholeheartedly, who is calling for a tax increase.

Ben thinks that the answer to the budget woes is to increase the income via increasing taxes, presumably on the poor and elderly like Bill Clinton. I really don't have a problem with that, after all the Poor just aren't paying their fair share of taxes.

As shown in these pie charts, from Rush Limbaugh, the poor just aren't paying their fair share. The bottom 50% of wage earners are paying less than 4% of the federal taxes, and that is an outrage.

Seriously, can we be honest for a moment, something the Democrats are probably a little uncomfortable with, but let's try shall we? I will start off by saying that the Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats in their addiction to Federal Budget spending. That said, we should expect our Government to run as our households are run. If you approach your employer, and tell him that you can't vacation in Europe twice a year on what you are earning with him, and demand additional money, you will be lucky if you aren't fired, or sent to get your head examined. For some reason, the Elected officials in Washington, far too many of them anyway, do just that, demand more money from their bosses, the people who elected them.

Governments could take a page from the Business world however, and learn what efficiency means. Efficiency means that you don't employ people who don't do anything but take up space. We should look at every program, not with a "aren't they wonderful" mindset, but a "are they accomplishing anything" attitude. That by the way would pretty much destroy the National Endowment for the Arts. Pork is one of the biggest wastes of money you can imagine. According to the Heartland Institute, $426 Billion was dished out to local and lower Government offices last year. That by the way is almost the amount of money that was collected by the Government in 1980. The Government collected $517 Billion in 1980.

It is not time to raise taxes, it is time to reduce spending. It is time to consider every program that is funded by the US Government, and decide if that program is operating as efficiently as possible. It is time to cut funding and reduce as needed. We never cut any program, despite what the Liberals claim, and we seriously could. Tell every department that you want to see their budgets for the next year with a 3% reduction across the boards. You could save 3% by not buying new cars for the czarist prince mentality bureaucrats who dash about all day. You could save 3% by turning the lights off when you leave a room, and bumping the AC up one lousy degree in the summer time.

I resent those who claim we must have a tax increase. I resent them because I am the one working, sweating, busting my back to earn the money I get. I provide a service to my employers, and am compensated. I just like a vast majority of you out there, work my ass off, to earn what I get. What do we get for our tax dollars? We get corruption, government employees spilling the beans on classified projects. We get to support those news organizations with desks and offices paid for by the taxpayer, so they can betray the American people.

I don't see the National Endowment for the Arts folks doing much for the employers, or should I say Taxpayer. I don't see a need for the multiple levels of redundant bureaucracy each of which does nothing but check the paperwork of the level below, and file another report to the level above. That is an asinine waste of money, and we should have banned it years ago, but the Republicans go soft when they reach the Beltway, and we have more spending in that fashion, instead of less.

Don't expect the Democrats to do anything about it either, remember the Democrats were the ones who wanted to make sure the Federal Baggage screeners enjoyed full Federal Employee benefits and couldn't be fired for incompetence.

For any aspiring politician out there, considering a run on Congress, if you want a campaign platform you will win on, here is one small part of it. Congress doesn't have to abide by, or obey many of the laws they pass for you. They aren't part of Social Security, they don't have EEO standards in their offices, they don't have to obey many of the laws that you and I do. Challenge your opponent to swear that he will join you in pushing for legislation that requires Congress to abide by, and live by, the same laws as you and I, ending the special priveleges for the Elected officials, and watch them squirm.


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