Monday, July 10, 2006

Can someone explain why Microsoft doesn't fight back?

Microsoft has been fined by every Government in the world, mainly so they can get some money from a Corporation which has been hugely successful. The main complaint by the way, is that Microsoft offers you a starting point to customize your computer. The EU is ready to start fining Microsoft by the day for offering the most successful software in the world.

Hey Microsoft, want some advice? Want to watch the EU drop this harassment and offer to settle by Friday?

On Tuesday, announce that because of the EU's harassment, effective Friday, no more Microsoft licenses for the software will be authorized.

Make the announcement as follows. "In an effort to spur the competition that the EU feels is waiting in the wings, Microsoft will no longer allow it's product to be purchased or used in the European Union. Good luck with the Information Age.

I wasn't blogging at the time, however this is the advice I offered when Microsoft was sued by the Federal Government. I said that Microsoft would be doing the world a favor if they announced that they were going to encourage competition by refusing to license the product to the Federal Government. The Feds would promptly fill their underwear at the idea of finding another computer operating system that would read, and manage all the previous documents and e-mail.

OK, I know Bill is out of the day to day operations at Microsoft, however can someone there have a good time this week and nuke the EU? You can't be violating a ruling of a bunch of greedy politicians in Europe if you aren't doing business in Europe. I bet money that the EU would quietly decide your efforts were more than adequate to be in compliance with the ruling in Europe.


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