Friday, June 16, 2006

Iraqi Amnesty and the real world

In 1863, President Lincoln issued an executive order that would grant Amnesty for all Confederate Soldiers who fought for the south. In 1865, President Johnson issued a very similar Amnesty Order and that order was passed into law in 1972.

What all this means is once the fighting is over, and all sides agree to a peace, we try and become friends. It is the political version of two kids fighting, and becoming friends once they respect each other. It is not such a strange idea, it has been practiced after every conflict. We helped put Germany back together, and they became friends. We helped put Italy and Japan back together, and they became friends. We later supported Germans in Berlin by accomplishing the impossible with the Berlin Airlift. At some point, the victors of a war must offer to end hostilities, and allow all sides to go home, wiser, older, and alive. What the controversial offer from the Iraqi President tells me is that they are convinced that the Iraqi Forces and the United States are winning, and it's time to start thinking about how to end this conflict. We have defeated the Terrorists, they are beaten, and most importantly they know they are beaten.

Senator Schumer is wrong, demanding justice for all dead Americans. They aren't fighting for Justice, but a Democratic Government, a government of, by, and for the PEOPLE OF IRAQ, to turn an enemy into a friend. We are fighting to end Terrorism, extremist Islamic lunatics who feel comfortable slaughtering innocents. They know they are beaten, it's time to see if they want peace, or the inevitable end which may come any day.

Captain Ed, Hot Air, and many others too numerous to list have links up about this subject. Their views are interesting, and most importantly realize that this decision from the Iraqi President is for and about Iraqis who want to end the violence and live peacefully from now on.

One side has been defeated, as the Confederacy was during the American Civil War. If they are willing to stop fighting, offer information, and then go home, never to make war again, we should seriously consider this chance to turn enemies into friends. If they do make war against us again, future offers of Amnesty will be quite different. We saw what an honorable man can do, with a quote that is historical and truthful. Chief Joseph said "I will fight no more forever" and ended another conflict between his nation and the United States.

We should learn from history, and if our enemy decides like Chief Joseph to fight no more forever, we should consider it.

As a final thought, our approach to this should be wise as well. In the immortal words of Ronald Reagan, "Trust, but Verify" in regards to an enemy becoming a friend.


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