Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Liberals on Suicide Watch across America

Liberals across the nation are demoralized after this last week. First Busby lost in the CA 50, Then the Iraqi and American forces killed the Barbaric Al Zaqwari. Today is what may push them over the edge, it's just too much. Bush goes to Iraq, and visits the troops.

If that wasn't enough, they suffered two major setbacks in their plans for the future. The hope for a good "Fitzmas" were dashed, and they are furious about it. Now if that wasn't enough to send our beloved Liberal friends over the edge, the final straw may have been reached now.

Michelle Malkin is reporting that a San Francisco Judge has overturned the City wide gun ban that they just passed.

I am concerned for the Liberals, with all these setbacks one after another, each one reducing the hope that they have for the future. Liberals must be desperate, we know they are demoralized, with November looming, and few if any scandals left to run on, they are left running on nothing but tax increases and punishing success.

Good days for Americans, bad days for Liberals.


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