Monday, March 28, 2011

Libs right for once

As you know, I like to peruse the Democratic Underground and see what the DUmmies are complaining about. Now and then, I find a situation where as a Conservative, I absolutely agree with the Libs on. I rarely speak out on those that I disagree with. I could do a dozen posts a day on the Daily Kos, Huffington Post, and DU every day. Yet, such effort would be wasted as the DUmmies are too rabidly anti Conservative to ever listen or consider.

It seems the TSA fired a woman for being Wiccan. Claiming that the woman had cast a spell on her co-worker. It's good to see the Federal Government has admitted it believes in Magic officially. You see, there isn't another force that explains how the Feds manage the budget, or the legislative process, or our national security.

Guys, if anyone deserved to be fired over the incident, it would have been the hysterical lunatic who claimed that the Wiccan cast a spell on her car heater and made it stop working. If anyone should be fired, it would be the manager who actually decided that those claims deserved investigation.

Here it is in 2011, and we're still screaming burn the witch.

Burn the Witch, the new battle cry for the TSA. God help us all.


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