Sunday, August 01, 2010

Social Security, probably not for you.

Social Security, the Ponzi Scheme of American Politics, is highlighted in todays NY Times. The so called Newspaper of Record, which usually spends its time explaining how Conservatives are really all racist, sexist, homophobic, hate filled, horrible people, is today explaining how you individually should prepare for the day when Social Security isn't going to be there.

You know, that day that would never come according to the Liberals? Remember Paul Krugman telling us that there was no crisis in Social Security? Well, there is a problem, one that anyone could see a mile off. And that problem is getting closer every day, and as usual, Politicians have no desire to fix the problem until it's too late.

So the NY Times today is advising you to start thinking about your retirement without Social Security. You know, that thought pattern that they claimed was merely scare tactics when President Bush proposed changes to avoid the crisis all together.

It is a crisis. A crisis of our own making. A crisis of our own inaction, and our own determination to refuse to see the truth, that nobody gets something for nothing. So instead of learning from our Ponzi Scheme that is destined to fail, we add more and more social programs to the Ponzi Scheme under the assumption that money grows on trees, and we'll pay for it later.

Our National Debt is greater than the Gross National Product. That means that if the Government collected every single dollar made, earned, or saved, that they still wouldn't be able to pay the debt. So we spend more, and more, and more, because for some reason, our elected and appointed leaders haven't figured out that there are two parts to the science of book keeping. There is income, and outgo. In other words, that which you earn, and that which you spend. Being politicians, they're really good at spending, but not so good at budgeting.

So now the NY Times thinks you should consider a future without Social Security. I have to wonder, can we manage a future without the NY Times? Their concern for this issue is a little later than it could have been. It's like the Math is only now becoming real for them, when THEY might be losing THEIR Social Security.


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