Friday, July 30, 2010

DUmmies feel betrayed by Obama

I've often mentioned the apparent disconnect from President Obama, and his Socialist/Liberal/Communist core supporters that make up the dedicated foundation of the Democratic Party much as the Conservatives make up the core of the Republican Party.

These extreme left wing activists want an end to the Corporate America where business actually turns profits. What they want, to put it bluntly, is to eat the rich. They aren't getting anything that they do want, and they're getting tired of being told that we have to take what we can get.

These are the people who campaigned tirelessly for President Obama, and anyone else with a D after their name in 2008. They donated money, they donated hours of their time. They wanted the promised reforms, and they wanted to show the world what a successful Socialist President could do with huge Democratic Majorities in both houses of Congress.

This post from a user at the Democratic Underground (referred to by me as a DUmmie) is interesting, because in a way, it makes a point similar to one I have believed, and even argued.
It is the simple fact that we are now under assault by this administration, just as we were under Bush.

Do you get it now?
This user correctly points out the same truth that Mel Gibson did in the movie The Patriot. The people are talking about Revolting because their rights are being trampled by a King who is 3,000 miles away. Mel's line from the movie is something like this. A man can find his rights abused just as easily by 3,000 legislators a mile away, as he can find them abused by a King 3,000 miles away.

That point is absolutely correct. It's not who the Dictator is, it's that the Dictator is. As I pointed out here, the result regarding your life, and your rights is the same, no matter if it is a Fascist (inaccurately named right wing extremist) dictatorship, or a Socialist dictatorship.

I have complained often and bitterly about the Patriot Act. I didn't like it when it was Republicans administering it's abuses of my rights, and my liberties. Why would I now approve of it because the person administering this abuse is a Democrat?

MadHound of the Democratic Underground is absolutely correct. It's not who is violating basic freedoms and liberties. It's that someone is violating our basic rights and liberties.


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