Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Primary Challenge for President Obama? Of course

Just under two years ago, about an hour after President Obama was elected, long before he was sworn in, I pointed out that there was no way for him to appease all the groups that had come together to get him elected. I made predictions, which are coming true about the infighting among the Democrats.

This was done with the memory of the Kos Kids taking Lieberman out of the Primary for his re-election campaign to the Senate. Which is why today Senator Lieberman is an Independent who caucus's with the Democrats, instead of a Democrat. They were infuriated with Senator Lieberman not only voting for, and supporting the war against Terrorism in Iraq, but his vociferous defense of President Bush and the ongoing war on Terror. They turned on him, funded his opponent in the Primary, and although Lieberman won as an Independent, they nuked him for heresy to the Liberal cause.

Of course, Conservatives have done much the same thing to several RINO class CCBB Republicans. That is the whole point of the election cycles. If your representative doesn't represent your ideals, values, or beliefs, you can remove them from office through the democratic expression of the vote.

Now, Allahpundit noted defender of all things Moderate and RINO at Hot Air claims that this idea is insane when it comes to the Democrats. Really? The argument comes from Ed Rendell, former Clinton camp follower, who says that the Liberals may launch a strong anti Afghanistan War challenge to President Obama. AP rejects this as absolutely out of the question. Yet, aren't the Liberal Socialist core of the Democratic Party outraged that we're fighting anywhere, much less in Afghanistan and Iraq? These people are the ones who donated money, time, effort, and wore out shoes talking to people about then Candidate Obama and all the great things he would do. Yet, he hasn't done any of them. Health Care Reform was weaker than they wanted and lacked any sort of "public option" read universal coverage. Wall Street reform still lets the rich get richer while the poor are even poorer now. Unemployment is up, so the Unions aren't happy about factories closing and jobs being lost. Club Gitmo remains open, despite an Executive Order signed a couple days after President Obama was sworn in that ordered it closed.

The Liberal Socialist core of the Democrats have nothing to be happy about. Republicans are making gains, by carrying the Conservative Message to the people. Democrats haven't been this weak going into an election cycle since 1994, when they lost the House, and the clear majority they held in the Senate. Now, I readily admit a big difference, there is no unity on the Republican side, because too many of the old school CCBB Republicans refuse to embrace the Conservative message, instead insisting that moderation and becoming more like the opponents is the way to victory. I've said PFUI before, and I'll say it again to that notion.

So will there be a Primary Challenge for President Obama? I think there may well be. I still say that had Hillary Clinton won the Nomination, I probably would have voted for her over McCain, although Sarah Palin was a big multiplier for that ticket. But if Hillary had chosen one of a half dozen good Conservative Democrats that were out there as her ticket mate, I probably would have voted for her over McCain/Palin.

As I said before, all we have to do, is sit back and watch the Democrats self destruct. They have a shaky alliance of disparate groups with little or nothing in common. We Conservatives need to continue uniting for the ideals we believe in.

UPDATE: I decided to post a link, just one, of the hundreds of possibilities out there, of how disgusted the left wing is with President Obama for all that he hasn't done for them.


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