Saturday, July 31, 2010

GM doubles down on Volt

After listening to the comments, usually followed by laughter, the Chevy Volt, which was unveiled earlier this week, and costs $41,000 before you get paid to take it, and a market of people who don't want it, or need it, GM is increasing production on the car. Seriously, it's a car that costs as much as a luxury car, sports car, or a really big family car, and it's worse than all of those.

So what could you get instead of a Chevy Volt? How about an Audi A-5? Or how about a BMW 3 series?

How about Domestic cars? You know, cars built in the United States. How about a Kia Sorento built in Georgia with a starting price of $22k?

In other words, there are a lot of cars out there that are far better, for far less money, even after a tax credit for buying the stupid thing.

But Max, you don't understand. You'll save tons of Gasoline with the Chevy Volt.

OK, let's talk about Gasoline. The Kia Sorento gets about 20 miles per gallon. That means with the money I don't spend on the Chevy Volt, I could drive about 120,000 miles with gasoline that cost about $3 per gallon. If Gasoline goes to $4 a gallon, I could still drive about 90,000 miles on the money I didn't spend on the Volt. Are you seeing a pattern here yet?

The Ford Fiesta for example, starts at $13,000 and gets 29 miles to the gallon in the city, with 40 miles to the gallon on the highway. Stop and think, the Volt can go forty miles before the engine turns on, but that costs you $41,000 while a $13,000 car can give you that same 40 miles for about $4 in gas, if your in the city.

Now, do I need to do the math on how far you can go in your Ford Fiesta before you break even on the base cost of the Volt? Remember, you still have to pay for Electricity, which will be going up by leaps and bounds when Cap and Trade is finally passed. Then if you do run the engine, you have to run Premium Gasoline, the most expensive kind, in your Chevy Volt.

If you're worried that the Ford Fiesta isn't up to the driving you do, perhaps this review from Top Gear, the Award Winning British Car Show should put your fears to rest.


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