Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Georgia Primary Day

In 2008, I voted in the Primary here in Georgia, so I could vote against Maverick McCain. This year, I voted for Karen Handel. Was it because she was the favorite? No, John Oxendine was the favorite. However, I haven't ever liked what I've seen of John Oxendine. It may not be accurate, but it's my impression.

On the Democratic Side, which I considered voting in, was Roy Barnes, former Governor of the State, and voted out by an angry public after his debacle of an administration. He was the huge favorite, and even now, has secured the nomination.

So why did I vote? I voted because I was intrigued by Karen Handel. I voted because of the outrage of the Press and Mainstream CCBB (Country Club Blue Blood) Republican machine that hates Sarah Palin and objected loudly and often when Palin endorsed Handel. I read her website, and then I decided to go ahead and vote today.

At this moment, it appears as though a runoff election is going to be needed in the Republican primary. OK, I can manage to find time to vote again. Do I think Handel can win? Yes. Do I think she'll do a fair or even good job as Governor? Sure, I'll give her the same benefit of the doubt that I give everyone. But why did I vote for her?

Partly to vote against Oxendine. Partly to vote against Barnes. Partly to thumb my nose at the morons who run the Republican Party who insist that the way to win is to go more moderate despite the literal tons of evidence that clearly shows that moderate means you're an acceptable loser on election day. Acceptable to the Press. The Democrats who are winning in states outside of California and the NorthEast, are winning as Conservatives. They are such a minority outside of the powerhouse districts, that they make up less than a third of the Democrat Elected officials. Yet, they win big, and the Republicans always sigh afterwards and say we should be more moderate.

So Karen Handel is more conservative than the others I researched, not all of them, there were just too many. She was certainly more conservative than Roy Barnes. That is my general rule of thumb, vote for the MOST CONSERVATIVE candidate. Which is why I have in the past voted for John Barrow (Before I moved out of his district, or his district moved away from me, whichever it was.) Democrat. He was MORE conservative than the Republican.


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