Sunday, August 01, 2010

Obama's grades falling

In December 2009, just a few short months ago, President Obama gave himself a grade of B+ in an interview with Oprah. Now, during an interview, remember, just a few short months later, President Obama states that his grade is "incomplete" at present.

Of course, a few short months ago, the Press tended to repeat the party line that the Recession was over, and that all was going swimmingly here in the great old US of A. People still hadn't started to believe that the Obamacare would try and kill them, that belief came later.

So why would the President fall from a B+ to an incomplete? Normally Incomplete is a term used when either you've failed to attend class, or you've failed to participate in class. For President Obama, it may be a little of both.

As for failing to attend class, Perhaps it's that he's cutting class to go play golf? He's played more rounds of Golf than President Bush did in eight years in office. Perhaps it's that he's on vacation a lot. Even the liberal Fact Check sight admits that he has been on vacation more than nearly every other President, and that was just during his first year. Remember GW Bush's first year was pretty easy, until 9-11. The economy was doing OK, there weren't any wars yet, and his victory was too narrow for Washington to admit he had a mandate, so legislative work was difficult to say the least.

So perhaps this bit of honesty from President Obama, that he feels he's earned the grade of Incomplete is accurate. Of course, the real reason that people are graded Incomplete, is so they don't get an F. In a way, it's sort of like saying that he hasn't even done enough to earn an F on his report card.


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