Monday, August 02, 2010

Arianna Huffington tries to get Palin

I've said it before about Sarah Palin, and I'll say it again. Nobody sends the left wing off into a frothing tizzy fit faster than Sarah Palin. It's amazing. I used to think they were rabidly hate filled about Rush Limbaugh, but he's rapidly turning into your Father's Buick. Ann Coulter used to get this kind of reaction, especially when she would say kind things about Senator Joe McCarthy.

But these days, Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, and many more are out of the spotlight of hatred the left shines on their favorite.

Today's example is from Arianna Huffington, the Gulfstream Eco nut and Limousine Liberal of fame and legend.

Arianna has started to wonder if perhaps Sarah Palin is the PR Genius that the left has said she isn't. Of course, she is quick to point out that Sarah Palin has no policy positions, and is merely a shallow individual who couldn't ever be a serious candidate. However, she worries that you and I, the people, would be so disgusted and distrustful of the wise career politicians that we might actually vote for someone who has such great PR skills despite the absolute lack of policy or positions that would doom any other candidate.

Now Arianna, I have to wonder. What about Sarah's policies don't you understand. Sarah is against Big Government growing bigger, and more powerful, and more controlling. So it seems according to the polls are about 70% of the people. Do you need specifics about what parts of the Federal Government are too big? How about a thousand contractors, organizations, and departments involved in Homeland Security? How about a dozen levels of redundancy for the School Lunch program?

We've seen Sarah Govern. She rejected the status of the privileged few that most Politicians would embrace. She dumped the jet from Alaska, and she put legislation and contracts that the State was considering out where the people, you know, you, me, commonly called the people, could read it easily. We've seen that she resigned a powerful position rather than perform an unethical action as directed by those she owed her position to.

We've seen her take a pay cut as Mayor, when the previous Mayor fought to make sure he got a Pay Increase.

We've seen her stand up and blast the destined to pass ObamaCare, and hang a brilliant and accurate label on the inevitable committee that will have to exist to allocate diminished supplies to increasing demand.

We've seen all of that, and you have to ask what her policies are? Perhaps you're not quite as bright as you pretend. Perhaps you can read a white paper, but can't read the newspaper. We know she's in favor of securing the borders, since she says that President Obama doesn't have the guts (polite version of the word she used) to tackle immigration.

Arianna, do you know what the big problem with the Left is regarding people like Sarah Palin? It's that they act, instead of talk. Liberals talk about what someone else should do about a problem. They talk about what we (which never means them) have to do to address the problem. Liberals like you Arianna, park your Yachts where they won't be taxed. Liberals like you take private jets while complaining about the little people using too much gasoline in their SUV's and destroying the planet. People like Sarah, act on their beliefs, and since you Liberals only ever pretend to act on a belief, you think she's merely a Brilliant PR machine, cranking out phrases that resonate with the gullible public.

The more you Liberals try to understand her, the more you clearly show how shallow and you all are.


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