Sunday, February 15, 2009

Paul Krugman: It's all the Republicans Fault.

Certainly, that's been the subject of nearly every Paul Krugman piece ever written. If only the Republicans would just shrivel up and die, we could move this nation into the waiting arms of properly planned socialism and be done with this fantasy of capitalistic individualism. 

Liberals like Paul Krugman like to believe that a Centrally Planned economy works. Despite the long and demonstrable evidence to the contrary, the Liberals insist it will work, this time. After all, Marx said that all value is derived from the worker. 

Paul Krugman is really upset right now. Because the spending bill known as Porkulus isn't big enough. We don't know what would be good enough for Mr. Krugman, I shudder to think that nearly $800 Billion isn't enough wasteful spending for him. 

He is very upset indeed, because the Republicans didn't play along and slobber over the collection of special interest pork and vote for it like they were supposed to. Seriously, despite the win, Krugman wanted the same thing that President Obama wanted, which was the ability to blame the Republicans for voting for it when the mid-term elections come up, and the economy is still in the toilet. 

For while Obama got more or less what he asked for, he almost certainly didn't ask for enough. We're probably facing the worst slump since the Great Depression. The Congressional Budget Office, not usually given to hyperbole, predicts that over the next three years there will be a $2.9 trillion gap between what the economy could produce and what it will actually produce. And $800 billion, while it sounds like a lot of money, isn't nearly enough to bridge that chasm.

Officially, the administration insists that the plan is adequate to the economy's need. But few economists agree. And it's widely believed that political considerations led to a plan that was weaker and contains more tax cuts than it should have - that Obama compromised in advance in the hope of gaining broad bipartisan support. We've just seen how well that worked.

Yeah, it's just not big enough right Paul? Sorry, have you heard that the national debt is now larger than the total amount of money that will be earned by every single person on earth this year? Let me go ahead and publish your response to that. Just scare mongering from the vast right wing hate machine.

One of the biggest disagreements that Conservatives have had is the lack of fiscal responsibility that the Republicans have made their own during their time in charge. Of course, the Democrats are bound and determined to show the Republicans how to really print money, wholesale. 

Paul, where does all this money come from? Why is it you Liberals never understand something so basic. You can't spend something you don't have. Money does not grow on trees, and the fact that it's printed on paper doesn't prove that is false. Just because we can move it across the internet, doesn't mean that it is all created by Al Gore. 

Money is earned, by the sweat and labor of the people. It should be collected by the Government regretfully, and spent most cautiously. We shouldn't chide Government for not spending enough, when they already have more debt than there is money on earth. 


Blogger Jkirk3279 said...

Well, Nobel Prize Winner Paul Krugman is right.

It IS all the Republican's fault.


The Republicans bill themselves as being fiscal conservatives, yes?

(BTW, LOVE that "collected regretfully" spin. Very funny.

Oh, you weren't joking?)

From 2001-ish, for five years, the Republicans controlled the entire Federal Government.

Five-Ninths of the Supreme Court, both Houses of Congress, and the Executive branch, all Republican.

The result? The National Debt doubled from $5 Trillion to $10 Trillion.

For contrast, consider.

Under President Clinton, the Congress balanced the budget two years in a row and was left with a surplus.

A surplus that vanished within six months of the selection of President Bush.

So, whose fault SHOULD it be?

Write all this mess off as a coincidence?

Perhaps the 'conservatives' should take responsibility for the results of their actions.

Or is that too much to ask?

5:38 PM  

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