Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tennessee Republicans throw Speaker out of the Party

In what can only be called an awesome move, the Republican Party of Tennessee has tossed the Speaker of the Tennessee house of Representatives out of the party.

I say this is awesome, because when you are betrayed by someone, you're supposed to cut ties with them. NOTE TO NATIONAL REPUBLICAN PARTY on this one. 

To say that I think this should be encouraged, and embraced by the Republican party at large, is like saying that the sea is wet. Electoral success, the topic of my last couple posts, and many before it, are historically demonstrable. When you talk to people, all over the nation, they remember things. The Republican Revolution of 1994 for example. It was supposed to be the death of business as usual. It wasn't a death of business as usual after all, it was merely a minor heart attack, that was easily treated by the inside the beltway people to return business as usual to life, stronger than ever.

Kent Williams, the speaker of the Tennessee house, has learned that some people are actually asinine enough not to recognize exceptional political maneuvering. He was brilliant, and I sincerely hope, voted out of office for his tricky little play. He got what he wanted, the speakers podium. The Democrats got what they wanted, a puppet to jerk the strings of, and several committee chairmanships. The Republicans? Oh well, they can just suck it. 

Kent, I hope you kept that Resume' handy. I think you're going to need it. 


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