Monday, February 09, 2009

Time for a little Reality Check

Many people think I'm Republican. To those who believe so, I'm sorry but you're terribly wrong. I am not a Republican, I'm a Conservative. I've mentioned Democrats I could, and did, support over the years. One of those most often mentioned, Zell Miller, the former Senator, and former Governor of Georgia. 

If I was a Republican now, I would seriously consider leaving the party until such time as they figure out what the hell they intend to stand for. Since I'm not a Republican, I'm not going to leave the party, I'm not in it. 

The Republican Party is attempting to make themselves more "Populist" as they thrash about striving for an image, or something they can point to as their own. Populist doesn't mean right, nor wise. It means popular with the majority. Here is the problem with that, the obvious problem if you understand my meaning, what if the populist idea is absolutely wrong, morally, and ethically wrong? Do you stand for the idea anyway? If you're a Republican, apparently you do. 

Global Warming is nearly debunked. Seven times as many scientists are speaking out against it, as are speaking out for it. More and more scientists are coming out to say that the hysterical nonsense is just hype and the proposed solutions are not only ineffective against the claimed Global Warming threat, but disastrous to our economy and individual liberties. 

So the Republicans are staunchly opposed to this right? Not even close. The cocktail circuit populist idea is that Global Warming is real, and only Neanderthals would dare to suggest that it isn't. 

The arguments against Illegal Immigration are too numerous to list here, but allow me to highlight one I've covered in detail before, public health. The number of diseases that exist around the world, and are essentially eradicated, that means wiped out, here are too numerous to list. The principals behind Ellis Island were that we needed to make sure that our immigrant population was not bringing into our nation, at the risk of our citizens, a disease that could, and would, kill thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands. 

So now we don't mind the risk to hundreds of thousands of our citizens? Instead we decide that if we demand health screenings, we're evil and racist? 

Republicans should be shouting this from the rooftops, using pictures of people who are bleeding out of their eyes to show the population what risks from uncontrolled immigration could lead to. No, that would be wrong, it wouldn't be populist. 

I could go on and on and on. I've covered how the Republicans gained power over the years, by embracing the Conservative message, and taking that message, and educating the population, to the historically effective principals. Now, it's too hard. We have more communication mediums available than anyone in history. With radio, TV, and the Internet, education of the population should be an easy task. Yet, we watch the Republicans embrace the false god of Populist, and the historically demonstrative idiocy of liberal/socialist thought. 

If you wonder why I'm not a Republican, then just watch the Republicans in action. They are busy making the party Socialist, light. The Republicans are fools, and the leadership of the party should be crowned the king of fools. You can't out liberal a Democrat, and any Republican worth the name should know that instinctively. It's a shame that they don't. 


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