Friday, January 30, 2009

What the Republican Party needs.

David Frum complains that following Rush Limbaugh and worse, the behavior of the House Republicans is bad for the Republican Party's future. 

Can we get serious for a moment? The Republicans are such a minority in the house that there they have literally no power at all. Worse, they have been shut out of every discussion. They aren't allowed to debate, or offer input on legislation, so the only voice they have left, like much of America, is with their vote. They spoke loudly when they voted en-masse against the Left wing supporters pay off pork bill called a stimulus package.

So to help out, I'm going to tell the Republicans what they need to do. I say they, because I am a Conservative first and last. Never do I vote Republican just because of party affiliation. I vote for the conservative candidate. Sometimes, it's a Democrat, sometimes it's not.

First the Republican Party has to be honest about what made Ronald Reagan great. He was called the Great Communicator. The reason is simple. He spoke and educated the people on what he believed, and why. He was right by the way. Lower taxes do stimulate the economy. The corporate tax rate is too high. So what Republicans are telling us that? Not many, if any. 

So why hasn't a Republican sat in front of a TV anchor and said. "You know, the corporate tax rate in the United States is the highest of any industrialized nation. That creates an enviornment where US Business's are charged a tariff of 35% to say they are American. That means that the US produced item has to be more expensive than the foreign produced item from that alone. We need to slash that rate, to give American Companies the chance to be competitive at home, and around the world." 

Now, let's listen to the Republican elected leaders talking about that. I don't hear them, do you? 
When the Democrats denounce a corporation buying a Gulfstream Jet. Point out that four hundred people work for Gulfstream in Georgia. More work around the nation doing maintenance on the jets. Talk about a stimulus package. The purchase of a jet guarantees at least four hundred jobs in manufacturing. Good union jobs for those Democrats. Why aren't we asking the Democrats why they want to shut down all those union jobs in Georgia?

Ronald Reagan told the people he believed tax cuts were a good thing, and explained it to the people. He was right, history has proven him right, without any doubt. Why can't any Republican stand up and say that? "We support the historically proven path to economic stimulus. Tax cuts are good for America." 

Going Moderate means we go soft. We agree that tax cuts are not good, and we say that social programs work better. Despite the historically demonstrable proof otherwise. In other words, we buy the lie of liberalism, and just give it a slightly lighter flavor. 

Mr. Frum couldn't be more wrong, we don't need to moderate our tone. We need to find out spines and fight for the truth. When a Democrat lies about it, we need to be right there telling the people that the Democrat just lied to them. Give them the truth, let them check the facts for themselves. 

Demand that the Democrat apologize for lying before we go any further. Demand that the Democrat tell the truth about tax cuts, for example. "Senator, until we are willing to deal with this problem with truth, instead of rhetoric, we have no hope of helping the people. Why won't you tell the truth?" 

Instead we get this. "It's a great honor to work with the distinguished Senator from New York." Yeah, a great honor. NOT.

First we need to tell the truth, and educate the people, as Reagan did. Then, we need to move in that direction, if not as one, singing from the same sheet of music, then at least humming from the same musical. 


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