Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Liberal Lies: Born Gay.

The perpetual claim of Liberals is that Homosexuals are born that way, and so opposition to Gay Marriage, or Homosexual Equal Rights, is wrong. 

This is frankly, a lie. First, the perfidious argument that someone is born gay. This is the dumbest thing anyone could argue, and the fact that Liberals continue to argue for it, demonstrates that they have no clue what they are talking about. 

If it’s supposedly true that Blond’s have more fun, does that mean that most people are Genetically programmed to be attracted to blonds?

First, let’s consider if this is true, what it really means. If it was true, that a person is “born gay” then doesn’t that have wider implications for our society? For example, wouldn’t we have to recognize that NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) could be Born to be homosexual pederasts? They can’t help themselves, and they’re only following their genetic instincts right? How about Rapists? Are we going to next insist that there is a sex crime genetic marker? One that would require the holder of the genetic marker to commit violent acts? 

Take it a step further, and decide that the NAMBLA and Rapists folks are genetically coded, and we the other members of society feel we can’t allow them to participate in the behavior they are genetically predetermined to commit. Don’t we have a responsibility as a society to protect the members from genetically coded predators? Shouldn’t we just require that people with those genetic markers be aborted, in order to prevent a horrible crime from happening? 

Now, you see the slope the Liberals have put this argument on. One so slippery that it either condones crimes abhorrent to any civilized people, Child Molesters and Rapists are the obvious next step, or it sets up a pre-natal test to determine the probability of the non viable tissue mass to commit those crimes and would we then encourage abortion as we do with Downs Syndrome

That brings up the next question. What if it is true? What if there is an identifiable genetic marker that someone is going to be Gay? Do we then come up with a test for the little baby growing in the womb? Do we test like we do for Downs Syndrome? 

Imagine this scene for a moment if you will. Mr. and Mrs. Smith sitting in the doctors office, and the Doctor comes back in. “I have your test results Jane, and the baby shows no signs of Downs Syndrome.”

“Great” Mrs. Smith says smiling at her husband and squeezing his hand lovingly.

“However, the test for Homosexuality, well, that came up positive, so the child is likely to become a homosexual.” Doctor tells her now concerned parents.

“What? Well, what can we do?”

“Well, I’m not supposed to say, but here’s some brochures from Planned Parenthood, they have a nearly hundred percent success rate in dealing with this problem.” The Doctor says glancing around guiltily as the pamphlets are passed over.

The only good news, if there is indeed a Gay Gene, is you’ll see more Conservatives than myself, supporting abortion. You’ll also see Liberals opposing Abortions, in these cases.

The Supporters of the “Gay Gene” theory aren’t helping their case either. 

"Recent scans of the human genome reveal that some gay males share a genetic marker for homosexuality on the X chromosome. One avenue through which genes regulate homoeroticism is by instructing the brain to develop in a sex-atypical manner."

For those of you who aren’t real familiar with words like that, let me explain. Atypical is defined among other things, as abnormal. 

So instead of demanding the highest possible standard from Science, proof positive that something is true, the Liberals take one very flawed study, and run with it demanding that everyone accept Homosexuals as born gay, and stop opposing Gay Marriage.

There is an old idea that when in a Minefield, you don’t worry about things too  far ahead, instead focusing on the step right in front of you. That’s true. However, before you enter the mine field,  you’re supposed to have a good reason to get to the other side. The other side of this particular minefield is a lose/lose situation for the Liberals, and they have no plan once they get there.

Just goes to show you, when you give a Liberal the benefit of the doubt, and let them pretend to think logically, then they immediately demonstrate that as Liberals, they are incapable of thinking logically. 

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe you post this nonsense and claim thatliberals lie. You're disgusting.

5:51 PM  

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