Friday, May 23, 2008

The Maverick lied to us again.

How many of you remember John McCain's McAmnesty push? Where he called us all racists?

My previous entries on John McCain are here.

I've already said I'm not voting for McCain. I've already sworn that I wouldn't support John McCain, because I knew from my observation of the Senator that he doesn't give a damn about Conservative Values.

Some of us are only just learning that lesson, I saw, welcome aboard. Right Wing News has interviewed the Senator, and found, gee here's a shocker, McCain intends to push McAmnesty through as a first priority.

Here's HotAir's piece on John McAmnesty.

Of course, who could have a piece on Amnesty without Michelle Malkin's piece.

Ed Morrisey formally of Captain's Quarters Blog now with Hot Air of course, continues to carry all the water he can for John McCain and drinks happily from the Jonestown cool aide.

The consequences of an Obama presidency go far beyond immigration. That is what voters need to keep in mind, especially given the likely Democratic victory in both chambers of Congress this fall. Immigration and border security are important issues, but they’re not the only ones, and stark differences exist between Barack Obama and John McCain. That’s what our vote should consider — all of the consequences of the election.

Ed. McCain isn't worth the cost of your soul. If you're going to get the same policies from either a McCain or Obama Presidency, then the thing to worry about is not what one issue you might be able to salvage, but instead who gets the blame. I don't want the blame History is going to lay on this President's feet for Amnesty, the surrender in Iraq, and the next Terrorist Attack on the United States to be blamed on Republicans. I want the blame squarely where it is deserved, Liberal feel good nonsense over common sense.

John McCain, wrong for Conservatives, wrong for Republicans, and wrong for America. We just can't afford a McCain Presidency.

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