Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sarah Palin, a lightning rod for Liberal Hatred

Friends, I thought I had dealt with the Sarah Palin issues previously, and so I assumed I wouldn't need to be blogging about it again. I guess that would be classified as Wishful Thinking. The Nutroots have accused her of nearly everything under the sun in the last week. So far, about the only thing she hasn't been accused of is being a Liberal Vegan who hates Bush. The link above shows at current count, 43 rumors that are either absolutely untrue, or are taken out of context and or mis stated.

Now, guys, let's be real for a moment. Executive Experience means you're the person in charge. The Buck Stops here made famous by Harry Truman? Perhaps you've heard of it? It means that there isn't anyone you can go to with the problem, you have to make the decision, and face the consequences of that decision, good or bad.

Let's take a look at bad decision making. Governor Blanco didn't call out the National Guard, and put them in charge of New Orleans, not because there weren't any around, but because she was afraid it would increase the state's liability. That is Management. Where you decide things in committee and get consensus. It takes time, and as shown during Katrina, is a bad way to do business. The mess finally started to get sorted out, and we later learned it was never as bad as we were led to believe, when the National Guard, and General Honre' arrived and took charge. The Patton and John Wayne comparisons were thick in the press, and I saw a Leader, a Commander, take charge of the situation.

Management means you reach consensus, and everyone agrees, or at least a majority agree. The Senate would be a good example of management. They debate, deliberate, and no one person makes the decision, which is why it's called the Legislative Branch in the Constitution.

By comparison, the Constitution lists the President under the Executive Branch, because he or she is the one who makes the decision. He or she is the one who is most responsible for this decision. Executive is where you don't have other to blame inaction on, you have only yourself.

Senator Obama hasn't held Executive Experience, and running a campaign is not similar to being President. Now, I've just said that being a Senator isn't experience for being a President, and I've told the truth. That goes for John McCain too.

Liberals, here's a secret. You don't understand how a Conservative's mind works, so stop trying to pretend you're just asking the questions we would be asking. We would be asking why Obama is friends with William Ayers. We would be asking about his relationship with Rezco. We have been asking, but you didn't seem to care about what we would ask then. Now that a Woman who is Conservative is running for Vice President, now all of a sudden, you're claiming to ask question we would be asking.

No, you're carrying the water of the Nutroots. You're pretending that Sarah Palin is the wrong woman to represent American Woman. Another woman would be preferred you claim, you quickly name Senator Hutchinson, or Senator Snowe.

Would this be the same Senator Snowe who votes with the Democrats, especially on many issues favored by John McCain? The same Senator Snowe who voted to provide amnesty to the Illegal's? The one who spoke against the war in Iraq? Oh sure, that woman is qualified, she loves Liberal policies, and thus is extremely qualified.

As for Kay Baily Hutchinson. She rates an 84 from the ACU which I'm sure the Liberals know is what John McCain got in the first years after the election in 2000. It's interesting that Liberal Women are always qualified, which is the same we hear about Liberal Men.

I have a question Libs, why is it you assume we only look at the surface of things? Do you think that everyone is as shallow as you are? Do you really think that everyone is as self centered as you apparently are?

Hillary Clinton had never held elected office before running for the Senate, and was considered qualified by the press. Why is it that Sarah Palin who has held elected offices for many years, is unqualfied? The answer is obvious. Hillary believed in things that the reporters who have empowered themselves to decide these things also believed in.

Having donated to both Hillary Clinton's campaign, and to Barack Obama's campaign, and not donated to the Republicans, or to McCain, because of my extreme distaste for him, I'll repeat something I said on Hot Air at the time. McCain won the election by picking Palin. Not because she's a woman, I don't care about that. Not because she's a hunter, but because she's an outsider. She's an outsider who can really understand the problems, the trials and trevails of the average citizens life, because she's one of us. I assumed that McCain would pick Lieberman, or someone else who is an old and trusted friend. Instead he went for a new friend, and I believe that McCain has a certain esteem and respect for Sarah Palin, who is the Governor of Alaska. That brings up another question Libs, what is this sudden willingness to demean the woman by forgetting her current job? Why do you insist on calling her the Mayor when she's the Governor? She has been Governor as long as Obama has been Senator right?

Libs, you don't understand Conservatives, because you don't want to. We really do see the person instead of the subgroup. We don't see her as a boon because we think she'll pick up the mothers who hunt moose demographic. That is a small demographic, which doesn't really have a lot of power. We like her because she's genuine, and unlike the scripted presentations from the Democrats, she's believable.

Will I vote for McCain? I doubt it, I still don't like him. Perhaps I could vote for Palin, but I'd have to have something to block his name so I didn't see it.

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