Sunday, October 26, 2008

Will the NY Times ask for a bailout next?

As one watches the NY Times slide further and further into disrepute, we are left to wonder what is needed to turn them around. Successful media models like Fox News which is more fair and ballanced, and also has a lot of viewers, is one that the NY Times just won't follow.

The reason is obvious. Liberals are essentially delusional. They refuse to believe that Americans aren't Socialist. Liberals won't accept that they are well outside the mainstream of thought. The deny history, pretending that the fantasy version of life is a functional reality. They just won't deal in truth and fact.

So the NY Times circulation is down, they're losing money hand over fist. The Conservative, capitalist view us to figure out what changes should or can be made to return to profitability.

The Liberal Newspaper won't do that. What they will do us eventually ask for a bailout. I'll predict that the Times will even claim that refusing to give them taxpayer money is censorship. I'll even bet that they'll use the term McCarthy in their explanations.

After the election, make sure you tell President McCain that there is to be no bailout for the Times.

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