Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama audio burning up the Net.

In 2001, Before he was a US Senator, before he was a media packaged chosen one, Obama was doing a Radio Interview. 

Let me say that it's utterly astounding. Now Joe the Plumber was a wake up call from the Left, however this recording is more. 

Redistribution of Wealth. Yes, he's talking about it, yes he's in favor of it. His question is how do we get the Redistribution of wealth? Should we do it by Legislation? Or perhaps via the courts? Obama's not in favor of the Courts, you just can't guarantee to get what you want. By Legislation, you can. 

I'm sickened by this.

Michelle Malkin has the story and has a great quote up. 

    In Obama’s America, we’ll finally be able to break free of the “constraints that were placed by the founding fathers in the Constitution” — and in so doing, achieve “social justice” through “redistributive change.”

    Well, then. Fine .

    But this is not the America I knew…

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