Monday, October 27, 2008

The Audacity of Lies

Obama's campaign should be renamed to the audacity of lies. 

After I posted the audio of Obama's 2001 radio interview in which he was debating the redistribution of wealth, not the merits, the means, Obama's spokespeople were out in force defending the audacity of lies by telling more lies. 

OK, let me get this straight. He was using Socialist Talking points straight out of the Marx, to describe Middle Class tax cuts? To quote Joe Biden, are you joking? 

This is insulting, and I'm surprised that anyone would have the guts to go up on Television and pretend that is what's happening. To take that spin seriously for even a moment, you wouldn't be a reporter in the free world, you'd be a tool of Pravda

Hot Air describes it best. This isn’t even spin; it’s McCaskill putting her fingers in her ears and chanting to drown out the question.

Michelle Malkin as usual, is all over this. 


Blogger Janeen Puckett said...

Anyone who can't see socialism in Obama's "spread the wealth" comment is politically blind. And those who defend him try desperately to prevent others from pulling the wool off the eyes of the American people.

11:29 AM  

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