Sunday, August 13, 2006

Smile crooks, your on Crime Watch Camera

Those of you old enough remember those shows of yester year like Candid Camera. With today's web cams, and internet streaming video, it's obviously much easier to get candid shots of life in the big city, but does it help?

In a Washington Post article, the question is asked, and the answer appears to be probably not. What would end the crime spree that Washington D.C. has endured this year? What would end the rising activity of today's criminals? I posted once on juvenile crime and the dis-service that we in society are guilty of in that situation.

I say we are also not doing our jobs by limiting and creating a society of victims in our cities. We create that society by denying our citizens the right to defend themselves. We decide it is honorable to assist someone in a time of need. We pass "Good Samaritan" laws to protect those who want to help someone during an emergency, like an automobile accident, but inadvertently injure the victim. They meant well is the way it is explained to us all. Yet, we don't pass laws protecting the person who is reacting to violent crime. We hold the home owner liable if the criminal is injured while violating the law. We hold the crime victim liable to criminal and civil action if they resist successfully. The criminal was injured in the act of doing the crime, and it's the victims fault because he or she didn't do the proper thing and act like a sheep.

We don't need cameras on every street corner to stop crime, we need a population that is able and justified in defending itself. A population encouraged to defend itself and knowing that the criminal is wrong would end much of the various crime spree out there, yet we don't do the obvious and time tested answer. Instead we pretend that those ways don't work, and insist that the population is safer with non violent community outreach programs.



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