Monday, July 17, 2006

Liberals dare to be stupid.

Apparently, Liberals are outraged that Conservatives unapologetically continue to exist, and continue to hold fast to time tested ideals, despite the histrionics of the left. Now, the Liberals are demanding an investigation into Conservatives, Libertarians, and other right wing bloggers, apparently to see if we are receiving our marching orders from the ghostlike Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Liberals, it's called Free Thought, you should try it sometime.

Let me explain, recently there has been a rash of Blog V. Blog battles where the Liberals consistently threaten the safety of the Conservative, the Conservative's family, or post personal information so the Anarchy minded Left Wing Loonies will target the individual for harassment. Now in response, the Conservatives have responded in kind, complaining about the threats from the left wing, to appropriate authorities, and this is "outrageous" to the left. Why don't the Liberals understand that Free Speech is not an automatic pass on illegal or immoral behavior?

Glen Greenwald, far left wing believer has this post on his site. He wants articles from Journalists on Pro Bush Bloggers. Yep, the danger in the world isn't Terrorists, it's people who oppose the Liberal Lies. What kind of Liberal Lies? From the comments on Greenwalds site. The comment was in response to another comment stating we were all in the war on Terror Together.

Uh, I'm not. "Woooo...bad people are out to get us." Yes, there are bad people in the world. There have been for a thousand year. They were there before 9/11, and they are there after 9/11. Nothing has changed. Nothing. This whole "great war on terror" is a phantom, an illusionary bogeyman conjured up by people who need bogeymen. I don't. So no, this is not "my" war, it is in fact your war. Leave me out of it

Like we needed more proof that Liberals are not to be trusted with National Security.

Greewald is outraged, outraged, that we Conservatives dare exist. He is even more outraged that the Blogs for Bush site calls on Wilson and Plame to be tried and jailed for their actions.

To help you out on that Glen. Wilson lied, it has been proven, and under oath before Congress he admitted he lied in his oped. For those who have issues with this, I suggest you read the pre-Iraq War Intel Report. In short.

One thing that jumps out at you is the grudging way that the Senate Committee states that just about all of the CIA conclusions were reasonable and accurate statements of information on hand.

Gee, that must really upset you lefties. Probably why you misrepresent the statements in the over 500 pages. Probably too busy watching Michael Moore's movie again to bother reading the book.

As for Media Matters, look here is a suggestion, if your objective is to demonstrate the Conservative Bias of the Media, you really need a life. Even starting with the idea that the Main Stream Media, or Old Media, or Drive By Media, is Conservative at all is laughable.

Check the historical uses of the charge for Treason. Axis Sally, Tokyo Rose, and others were charged with Treason after World War II. What changed the meaning of the charge was Hanoi Jane Fonda, for some reason the Government didn't feel comfortable charging her. I still am unable to fathom why, but that is me.

Liberals, let's be honest, what really has you upset these days is the Conservatives are using the New media to out you all as the treason loving folks you all are. You are having your words tossed back at you, unapologetically, and without the flattering coverage of your "courage". You call it inaccurately "speaking truth to power" while we categorize our actions as "speaking truth to loons" which is more accurate in my opinion.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is This parody? I can't tell anymore. No one can tell. You realize what that means, don't you?

4:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude, you are awesome. the liberals apparently love the idea of our homes getting bombed before we do anything about a threat. how about stopping the threats while they are over seas? thats called liberating oppressed nations. oh and another thing, why don't the left wing womens rights activists glorify how the women of iraq are now free and can vote? oh thats right, because it was Bush's doings...

1:50 PM  

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